Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

What the heck!?

For those of you wondering what this is all about

I understand that we all come from different places and develop in different ways. We move towards the things that interest us and these become the pieces to play in our life. It can be as basic as saying, “I’m interested in finding someone to love me,” or as focused as, “I’m interested in music, and want to make a living by being in the music industry.” By indulging in these interests we find nourishment for our soul. What we intellectually crave steers our quest for both experience and knowledge and enables us to fill in the spaces of our self and become who we are meant to be. Knowing what your genuine interests are and freeing yourself to explore them is what everyone’s divine path is… just to be you, and in the truest form possible. So it seems that is all I am doing here, just being me, but on a public scale, for anyone to see.  I have to be honest it does make me nervous to willingly put myself in a vulnerable position. But there is something within me that feels driven to do so and I trust that whatever I am able to offer here will be received by those who also have a feeling of, “Hmmm, maybe this is for me.”

I have been writing books for a few years now but I have also been a student of intuition for just as long. In fact, by engaging in a quest for knowledge to discover my own ability as an intuitive it sparked the desire I had carried with me for years to write a book. By studying intuition and connecting with myself, things appeared so much clearer and for the first time I really understood what my passion was. I had heard others talk about their passion in life, but before this point I didn’t get it. I didn’t feel that inner drive that one calls passion and so I had no serious point of reference. But intuition helped me zero in on myself as my focus and all of a sudden I was driven to illustrate and complete my very first book and driven to also learn more about intuition and healing. So that’s where I sit now. Describing myself as an author, illustrator, and intuitive healer, I am finally living my passion in life. I wish for you all to be able to say the same and I am hopeful that by sharing the tools that I have learned, you too, will be more connected to yourself and clearer about what fuels your soul in life.

So what is my definition of intuition today? I would say intuition is a natural gift given to us to use to live. Just as we have hands that we use as tools to help us in life, we too have the tool of intuition. Although it is not a physical thing, as our hands are, it is none the less a very powerful and useful tool. The gift of intuition is being connected to yourself. Having access to that inner wisdom that can tell you where to go, when, and with whom. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we all had an ability to phone home? A place we could call and ask, “What is the best course of action now?” and actually receive an answer! I tell you that this IS a real possibility and that you ARE your own phone home. And your intuition is the connecting line to being able to hear the voice that answers.  I’m sure if you think back over your life you can remember times where something just didn’t feel right. You knew there was a red flag but maybe you weren’t exactly clear on what it was. That was your intuition kicking in and saying, “Hmmm, there’s something not quite right, pay attention here.” This is a very natural part of who we are and it pops up from time to time whether we listen to it or not. But it is helpful to listen, it is helpful to sharpen this tool, and it is helpful to be connected to yourself. As you walk through your life trying to be who you are meant to be perhaps there is truth for you, too, in discovering the capabilities of your own intuition and in being your own guiding light for your soul’s purpose.

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