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I recently had a dream about my Grandmother’s land. I was back in the magic and spirit of her garden standing at the edge with my toes just touching the earth, and the first row of vegetables growing below me. What was new in my dream and not plucked from memory was a tree growing at the end of the rows. I was first drawn to look at a white birch and just beyond that a river birch, its trunk peeling and brown. Very clearly, and quite literally, I could see a message from my guidance hanging from the trunk of the river birch. It read, “Park Here.” And then I woke up as I often do at that perfect spot in the dream where I am supposed to remember what I have just experienced. Giving it instant thought I made the connection to another recent message from my guidance telling me that the Earth is one of my spirit guides and that she speaks to me through the trees.

So it seemed I had received an open invitation to make time to park beneath a tree to listen and connect with the divine guidance of Earth. While I still have yet to do so, it made instant sense to me that the Earth would be a spirit guide. Of course she would want to give us all direction, we are her people. If we all tapped into her energy and saw her as a divine being, one who offers guidance, I would like to think she could lend each of us insight in regards to how to live a life of health, balance, and bounty, as that is what she strives for.

Is it not true that so much in nature already reflects back to us who we are? Like the animal who risks its own life to save their endangered offspring. The seed that magically houses the blueprint of what it is supposed to grow and be. The open sky, a space like our mind so wide and vast, seeing both gloomy days and bright, and yet unable to prevent the winds of change that blow in upon the scene. There are many examples and it seems the Earth has a lot to say and a lot to offer. As true as this is on a physical level with food, water, shelter and such, it seems to also be true on a mystical and spiritual level as well.

The timing has purpose for me to explore and deepen my connection with the Earth as I am shifting gears and honing in on finishing my next children’s picture book titled OUR HOME, THE EARTH. She is calling to me to see her come alive through a perception I have not yet experienced and I am brought back to the idea of the Earth as a being. It was a foreign concept to me, even well into my studies of intuition, but once I had heard it spoken the light bulb went on. “Oh yeah, of course the Earth is alive!” It IS a being and the largest most whole expression of life that I am aware of.

My mind wanders now and I have an image of the Earth as a body with a spirit, much like we are body and spirit. I imagine that within her there are cells. Little tiny bits moving around and bumping into one another, coming together to form structures that enable process and function. Then another thought… what if we are like her cells, and as we multiply and do not live in harmony with her body, we become like a cancer to her? Perhaps it is that some “people” cells are proficient and help her to balance and regenerate and others are slow, mucky little beings that quite literally bog her down as the output of their toxicity accumulates within her body. Just as in our own bodies, pollution and disease suck her of her life giving energy that she so naturally shares with us. It seems it would be wise as we pay attention to our own health to pay attention to hers as well. Maybe this is where the importance of connecting with her will teach me how to not only care for her better but how to also care for myself, my body. Perhaps by being detached from the Earth we are detached from a piece of our self, which manifests through sharing a common goal of wanting to be in health, balance, and bounty.

An excerpt from the book OUR HOME, THE EARTH:

“When we take care of the Earth, we take care of each other,

and we take care of ourselves.”

Comments on: "The Earth as a Being – Part I" (1)

  1. Ericka Hawkins said:

    What a perfect analogy and so poignant. We are indeed all contributors to the health of our earth and unfortunately there are too many people who are cancer cells. This entry really hit home and I agree 100%! I look forward to part 2 and that book! It\’s going to be awesome and can\’t wait to share with my babies to foster a spirit of earth stewardship early in their lives. Peace girl!

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