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What is Healing?

There are many layers and levels of being a healer so it can be a bit hard to describe. Some common modalities of healing are Reiki, Angel Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and Healing Touch, but there are many more. In each of the forms I am aware of the common theme is that the healer is the channel for healing energy to flow through and by use of intuition and intention they are able to facilitate the healing.

The Holistic Approach of Alternative Medicine ...

The Holistic Approach of Alternative Medicine symbolized by the aura of man. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When healing is received it acts to bring a person into balance on a mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual level. And typically this is done by clearing or transmuting energy blocks.

We all have a physical body and we all have an energetic body or an energy field. That is the part of us that goes beyond what we physically see. There are some people who can actually see a layer of this body and commonly call it an aura. You can test your aura seeing ability by picking a person or even an object and looking at it against a plain background, like a wall. If you look directly at it or just to the side of it you may be able to see an outlining layer come into focus. You may even see some color. This is one layer outside of your body but your energy field is actually made up of many layers and can extend quite far.

Even if you have never seen an energy field before I bet you have felt one. For example, have you ever “felt” like someone was watching you or can you ever “feel” when someone is standing behind you? That is because they are in your energy field and even though they are not touching you your intuitive receptors are picking up on their energy and signaling that someone is there.

When healers perform a healing or do energy work, as it is commonly called, they are working with your body but also in that larger space that is you, your energy field. Just as your physical body is a store house and flow system for energy to pass through, so is your energetic body. And just like your physical body there are certain forms of energy that can clog up or create blockages in your flow system. In healing terms these energies are called low-vibrational or heavy energy and are a sign of dis-ease or being out of balance, and high vibrational or light energy is a sign of being at ease, in balance, and healthy. Similar to an artery clogging you can accumulate a build-up of heavy energy over time that can have a not so positive effect. These energetic blocks can stem from an array of things such as physical trauma, mental stressors, and unhealthy emotional ties to name just a few. It is not good to hold onto that heavy energy as I’m sure you can imagine.

In starting to write on this topic I asked my guidance, “What do you want me to tell people about energy work?” and this is what came through: “It’s opening to a flow of energy transmitted from a higher place or realm of God’s divine creation. There are people who can administer this divine flow of energy but it is much more efficient to learn how to administer it for yourself.”

Sometimes the messages that come through are not so clear, but this one was and so I have chosen to share it. And as I read it back to myself I appreciate this advice as I know first-hand the value of studying and building this skill for personal use and for use within the family. And I also see the direction that they are pointing because what goes hand in hand with seeing a healer is walking the path of wanting to heal yourself. It seems natural that you would generate your own healing as you become an active participant in the process by addressing old issues, working on current relationships, and peeling away at the layers of being a truer and clearer version of yourself. Perhaps as you read this you may discover you are already in that mode of self-healing. But wherever you are on the spectrum of healing just be aware it is something to consider and that you too can develop your own skill and use it as a personal tool for maintaining your most optimal health.

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