Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

Reading this with presence and intention will invoke healing for yourself and others.

Note: Please pause at any time that feels appropriate to you during this healing. Take as much time as you need allowing it to unfold at its highest vibration for you and those you intend it to reach. Also I recommend using visualization.

First take three relaxing breaths.    1        2        3

Now call in your team (which consists of your divine guiding beings such as angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters) and the team of the person or people you wish to send healing to.

“I call on my team and         (loved one’s names)          team to work together for the highest good. I ask that a clear pathway of light extend from each of us and be connected to the belly of God so that we may receive his direct divine blessings through his pure love energy.”

“I ask that this pathway of light flow down to our bodies, both our energetic body and our physical body, clearing and balancing. I ask that as it does its work within our bodies that it also continues down to connect us with the divine glow of the belly of the Earth and its pure love energy.”

“I ask that all low-vibrational energy, all cords, and all cell memory that no longer serve our highest purpose to release now dissolving with comfort and ease into this lighted pathway of the healing ethers.”

“Now I ask for the loving support of the Earth to rise up through this pathway like a golden-light spike, spreading like healing magma through our bodies, both energetic and physical, clearing away any other energy that does not serve our highest purpose.”

“Now I ask these combined divine energies of Heaven and Earth to coil and spin together like a brilliant glowing strand of DNA, spinning so fast that it is now expanding out as radiant light like a star, and now that radiant light is filling the entire space of our being.”

“I ask for these star bright lights to heal us and to be present for us so that we may draw from their star bright energy of pure love and radiant light.”

Now when you are ready take a moment to reacclimate yourself. Take a few more breaths. Wiggle your fingers and toes. And give thanks to God.

Thank you God. Amen. Love Realized.

Light of Healing – Photo by Korinn S. Hawkins

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