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Over the weekend I was able to indulge in the opportunity to attend a class with Yael Grauer at the Loft Literary Center about freelance writing. I found it to be both insightful and inspirational. It outlined all the proper steps that I would need to take in order to break into being a freelance writer and it gave me hope that “Yes, I can do this!” And so it seems another new door has opened and with it another outlet to plug my passion for writing into. I am very excited!

But wait a minute; I am sure this is a path I want to select and explore but I need to be honest with myself and selective about my choices. It would be just like me to jump right in. To take off running with this new possibility only to then look down and see that my feet are running faster than the ground underneath can support me and that I am actually suspended in thin air, setting myself up for a fall. My guidance is always reminding me in subtle ways to not go too fast, to “slow down,” “take your time,” and “enjoy life.” These are good reminders for me. It seems they know me well.

Seriously I want to do, do, do, and then do some more but I wonder when does what I bite off become more than I can chew? So I find myself circling back to finding balance and anchoring into the task at hand. I sense a caution here and so I know I must get real with myself and revisit my current focus. I acknowledge that this new information has been really valuable and enticing and that I can put it to good use, but for now it’s more important for me to not burn myself out. I dream of taking the plunge into freelance writing and just flying with it but I also see that it would be too much for me right now. So I reassess: here is where I am and here is what I need to do.

#1 Make my final changes to my new book and get that out there for all of you lovely people!

#2 Keep writing my blog. I am loving it and I am so thrilled to be able to connect with readers but honestly it is a lot of work. Well for me anyway, but that could just be my obsessive perfectionist streak getting the best of me.

#3 Continue working on my next project for a book in which I am partnering with another author in developing a keepsake journal for young readers and writers.

Sometimes I feel like this whole world of writing could just swallow me right up. I could get so lost in it and forget to come up for air. Jeez, as I’m reading this back to myself, I guess it’s kind of scary that I’m not so sure if that’s a bad thing. But beyond my writing goals I thank God that I have two sweet and constant reminders in my children to not get too carried away. I feel an itch to get ahead but they help to ground me and illustrate ever so perfectly the reason that I have to “slow down,” “take my time,” and “enjoy life.” And so through all of this that calls to me to be preoccupied I know I must also be diligent in paying special attention to not be too preoccupied and miss out on the fullness of life with them. This too is a good reminder.

This feels good. This is a happy balance for me.

Life is beautiful.

Love Realized.

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