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Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s birthday. She would have been 64 had she not died when she was 52.

My Mom is the most influential person in my life. She was the catalyst for me to explore my spiritual abilities, so that I could connect with her and keep her in my life. She is the reason that I wrote my first book so that my children may connect with her also. And she is my Mom, I am part of her and she is part of me, endlessly.

I remember the first birthday after she died. I bought a single red rose and laid it in a river hoping that somehow, someway it would be carried off to her atop the flowing waters. Eleven years later, and at a different river, I decided to do that again for her on this her birthday morning.

As I sat in solace along the bank where the river cuts through the land I spoke to her. “Happy Birthday Mom! I love you! Thank you for being in my life.” I brought the rose up towards my face so that I could inhale its fragrance one last time and then I let it go. I let it go so that it could be carried off by the ripple of the current and I watched it as it went. I miss you Mom.

Last year for her birthday we bought balloons and attached messages to their strings. Then as a family we released them up to the wide open sky hoping that somehow, someway she would receive them.

I have no doubt that she did. I believe that if I intend something for her, or if I call her to me, she knows. A mother always knows. So I send her love and birthday wishes today. And I am thankful she is in my life.

I would also like to include here a link to a short story that I wrote titled, “Mother Love.” It is free to download and is based on a personal experience that I had with my Mom. Its description reads: A deceased mother’s love lives on through the birth of her granddaughter, as she wishes to say the same words to her daughter that her daughter has said to her.
I hope you enjoy it.





(I apologize for any repeated messages and the photos not being a part of the flow of the blog. I am using an iPad and it seems I have some learning to do. Thank you.)

Comments on: "Happy Birthday Mom!" (2)

  1. The Smile Scavenger said:

    Beautiful tribute post. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman. And now every person who reads this can also connect with her, just a little bit. I hope she continues to shine a light in your family’s lives.

    • Thank you. I like that, she did always have so much love to share and with anybody so the thought of anyone getting a glimpse of that love, the one that is timeless, makes me smile for her. Thank you for your words.

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