Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

Fairy Elfkin

Dream Fairy

Dream Fairy (Photo credit: Alexandria LaNier)




(in folklore) one of a class of supernatural beings, generally conceived as having a small human form and possessing magical powers with which they intervene in human affairs.


Elf”kin\, n. A little elf.

I am a little surprised that elfkin is actually a word in the dictionary and delighted by the definition of it: a little elf. It fits perfectly for the tiny elemental beings that I have been seeing of late.

The first time that I saw a handful of these little beings I was out on our land with my daughter and happened to be looking at a milkweed plant. I could see them there around the leaves and stem of one lone standing weed. Of course I didn’t really see them but I did “see” them with my spiritual sight, my third eye which is located at your brow chakra in the middle of your forehead. And just for fun, if you are feeling a bit skeptical about third eyes being real, well just get out a one dollar bill and you will see there is a third eye on this common U.S. currency. So someone along the way in history must have thought the centrally placed third eye important to acknowledge. I don’t know too much about the background story there but I do know that I see stuff. That’s how I function as a healer. I look at you with my spirit sight and see colors and images through your energy field that give me information and guide me through facilitating the healing.

Sometimes I do see stuff that I don’t want to see and sometimes stuff pops in that I question, “Was that real?” On this particular day I was a little skeptical myself. I saw them a little gnome-ish with a blue outfit and a red hat. I wondered, “What are those?” They were tiny and appeared to be oiling the joints of the milkweed where the leaves met the stems. Intuitively I received the word “fairy elfkin.” It was nothing I had ever heard before. While “elfkin” seemed like it most certainly could be a word the two together didn’t make sense to me. “What in the heck is a Fairy Elfkin?” I thought to myself and then tried logicizing by wondering if maybe they meant to just say “elfkin,” because that totally sounds logical right? Ha ha, I’m laughing at myself here.

So fast forward to five days later and I am on our stationary exercise bike working-out and multi-tasking by using this free time to also be in an intuitive and meditative state. I was receiving some images that were becoming more like a movie on a movie screen (this is a little new for me to have the images flow so fluently) and one of the scenes that flowed in was those fairy elfkin again and at the same time that I saw them I again got the word, “Fairy Elfkin.” They also again seemed to be flitting around the leaves and stems of some plants in a prairie setting. “Well ok then,” I thought to myself, and took it for what it was being presented as… a Fairy Elfkin.

Then the information came through that they are called Fairy Elfkin because they are Elfkin who can fly like fairies. They do not have wings (and I could see this) but sparkles at their back and when they sparkle they can move around freely just as if they were flying. I could see the backside of their blue shirts pop with specks of light much like the flecks from a Fourth of July sparkler. And they did seem to move around freely, up and down and around the plants. The scene kept playing and the images continued to stream in, but there they were again, for a moment anyway, making another appearance in my intuitive realm of awareness.

With all of my shifting and syncing with the Earth I shouldn’t be surprised that some of these little elemental characters are now popping up on my radar. Hey, I guess they’re just doing their thing and I’m doing mine; co-existing in Mother Nature. We can all live in peace, right? Why not?

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