Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

First steps

First steps (Photo credit: Thomas Leth-Olsen)

Life is made up of many, many, baby steps.

Somehow we wove our way through the things of our past. And somewhere out there holds all the possibility of our future.

But for today we are here.

So take a moment to look back at where you have come from. (Go ahead take a moment). Take another moment to look ahead to where you are going.

And then position yourself here, now, and know that you are standing in your proper place and that no moment of your life is ever a waste.

Dig deep into this moment and see the tiniest miracle. Notice your breath. Is your breath the miracle? Notice your eyes, how they move and perceive the words on the page. Are they the miracle? Notice your mind as it trails off in search to find what that miracle is that I am hinting of. And then bring your thoughts back home to you, you are the miracle. Everything about you is a miracle. Now just take a moment to think about that.

Have a lovely day.


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