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NaNonFiWriMo What?

What is NaNonFiWriMo?

I didn’t know either. But being a writer and trying to be “in” on things. This came across my computer screen.

NaNonFiWriMo = National Non-Fiction Writing Month and the month of November is just that.

Last year I became aware of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), also in November. Pretty much it is one month dedicated to writing a full length novel. That is 50,000 words! And there are even prizes you can win. This contest/challenge began in 1999 with only 21 people but now it has reached over 200,000 participants and includes people from around the world.

I did not participate in NaNoWriMo last year but now this year I became aware of its spin-off, NaNonFiWriMo. There are also chances for you to win prizes in this genre’s contest but I would argue that the grand prize is getting to the end of the month and having a complete first draft of a Non-Fiction book!

I feel like this contest coming up for me is a nudge from that greater force encouraging me to go ahead and go for it. And unbeknownst to me it ends up that I have been preparing for this challenge for 2 months. Since September I have been writing daily in a journal about my personal shift, my insights, experiences, challenges, and triumphs. In my last Shine Mine post you were able to glimpse inside of my personal journal and now with this luring opportunity I am wondering if perhaps there is a non-fiction book in that mass of scribed words. I also intuitively am getting that I will have 2 more months to add-on to it, finishing out the year of 2012, and then the journal will be complete for the book.

So anyway, I am dedicating myself to writing Part I which will be from my September – October journal. Part II begins November 1st, as does my participation in NaNonFiWriMo.

I am going into this project with a determined mind. At the least I will transcribe all of my notebook scribbles into word document and at the most the book will start to be edited and take form. I am smiling now, same time as I wonder, “Am I ever going to get a chance to take a break and rest?” I guess not for now, but that’s ok, I love my work, it is food for my soul and so my soul will be eating well in the month of November.

Links to NaNoFiWriMo and NaNoWriMo…




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