Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

Thanksgiving is a very special American holiday that I celebrate every year. This Thanksgiving I am inspired to reflect on years gone by and especially on those who have come before us in our families. Those who bear the same names as we do and the same blood, our ancestors.

This remembrance is for those in our families who dared enough to dream, who were brave enough to pack up and move, or for those who didn’t have a choice – both plunging into the great unknown and for what? For hope of a better life for themself and for the generations to come. WE were hope and love in their hearts long before they ever knew us and on this Thanksgiving day I ask that you hold gratitude and love in your heart for them.

A Prayer for our Ancestors

(Read it as if it is from you to them, speak to them, send your love and appreciation. This is real; if you want it to be.)

To all of my ancestors:

May peace be with you and take you, wherever you are, to a place where you will know my love and gratitude for you and for all that you have done for our family. May you be swept up now and forever and taken to a place of grace and to a place where you will see the value of what you had to overcome in me. I am grateful for you for having paved the way for our family so that I may walk a little easier today. Today I carry you as I walk with thanks in my heart. I carry you All with pride. Pride for where I came from and for who I am.

To the reader: If you feel moved to do so please share the descent of your ancestors here to honor and acknowledge them. Here, I will start…

My name is Korinn Scepka Hawkins. My ancestors on my Mother’s side are the Kriegers and the Slankers of German, English, Scottish, Irish, and Canadian descent. My ancestors on my Father’s side are the Scepkas and the Frolkas of Czechoslovakian descent, specifically from what is considered modern-day Slovakia. I am married into and have given birth to two children whose ancestors are the Hawkins and Gavins of Irish descent and the Nelsons and Lowensteins. I honor and acknowledge you all. Thank you! Peace.

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