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The Many Dimensions of Sight

(This post might take a little more attention and a little more mental imagery to receive its depth, but read the whole thing with mindfulness and I think you will find it was worth the time and effort.-KSH)

I am sitting at my kitchen table writing. I pause to take a sip of my dark tea that has been sweetened by honey. As I put it down my eyes follow my hand and I focus on the liquid in the cup. I watch as it rises against the inner side of the cup and then rhythmically lowers. The liquid swishes and then stills. I notice two little flecks of something, tea granules perhaps. They dance and twirl around in a circular motion each one following the other as they go. My lips bend upward in a soft smile as I watch these two little bits play in motion. I notice I can feel them in some unexplainable way inside of me. Literally inside of me. I feel the spin of their dance. It is swirling in the same circular motion in some untouchable place within, at the same time that I am watching them swirl outside of me in the cup. Perhaps that too is what’s making me smile.

I lean over closer and get a better look. They are not tea granules, but just two happy bubbles suspended at the top of the tea. I look down at them as they too slow and still and then my eyes shift focus onto a white blotch that reflects against the brown of the liquid. I didn’t even notice it until this very moment and now it is plain to see. I am looking at the perfect reflection of the light that hangs over my kitchen table only it is not above me, it is below me. The image appears so clear, so real, that the tiny detail of the thin illuminated wire within the bulb is unarguable, same as the word “ACE” printed on its top.

But as real as this image is I know it is just a reflection. A thought comes to me… What if life is like this? A reflection, an image of something, but not the source itself. We can look into the reflection and see many things, even feel many things. But what is deeper than what we see is what we know. What if I lost touch with knowing what I know? What if I thought the reflection of the light bulb was the real lightbulb and not just a reflection? Then I think… Perhaps it’s time to get back to what we know and stop focusing on the mere reflection of what we see.

As this tea cup has shown me, we can be looking at one thing, but it can be seen in many different ways. It can be experienced or felt in many different ways as well. These perceptions are through the reflection of life that we all are living in. We each see things differently, feel and experience things differently, but if we turn our eyes here, now, back to Source it’s all the same, we are all the same, and this truth is held in the fact that everything comes from the same source.

It’s like the tip of your index finger and the tip of your thumb coming together to meet each other face to face (that’s right, hold up your hand and watch as you put them together now).  As they come together they see each other close up, they see each other as separate. One says, “I am an index finger.” And one says, “I am a thumb.” But they have forgotten in the face of their differences that they branch from the same place… the palm… the hand… the arm… your arm… you… you are the source. The Source is within you. And so that is where you need to adjust your sight. To focus on and to look now, inside of yourself, and in such a way that you can forget about what you see and let what you know reflect back at you instead.

Here is a picture of that plain and simple cup of tea that inspired all of this to unfold:

Look at it and ask yourself, “What do I see?”

Do you see the cup? Do you see the tea? Do you see the light? Or do you see an eye looking back at you, beckoning you to also take a look at yourself, and to look past the reflection of what this world shows you to a much, much deeper place. A place of knowing the true source of who you are.

Comments on: "The Many Dimensions of Sight" (3)

  1. Nicely written…everything has got the same root !

    • Thank you! This one was really fun to write! Usually when I sit down to write my blog I have something in mind but all day I was just feeling like I didn’t have to prepare, just sit down and write. So when I did and this came up organically it was thrilling to create. Thank you for sharing your comment!

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