Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

Sometimes it happens that the messages that come through are so profound that I myself am dumbfounded. I question myself, “Did that just really happen?”  But in the face of the truth that has popped through I tend to feel that I should not deny it because it has struck me in such a way that is so outside of myself. Tuesday afternoon I had one of these occurences…

After I had put my daughter down for her nap I went downstairs to sit and be with the Earth. Looking out my sliding glass door and into my backyard I connected with her. My intention was to speak with Mom Earth and to be in that state where the doors to the ethers are open and we can communicate. It is always super fun and I was having quite an interesting conversation with the Earth and a friend gnome when the conversation came to a point where they asked if they could ask me a question. “Me!? What could they possibly want to ask me?” I thought to myself. I willingly agreed and they asked if I could tell them, “the faith of our father?” I stumbled for a moment in thought trying to piece together who our father was. Who is the father of the Earth, a gnome, and me?

English: The fish bowl 日本語: 金魚鉢

English: The fish bowl 日本語: 金魚鉢 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As it dawned on me that God was who they were talking about I felt instantly puzzled. “What? How do I know what the faith of God is!? I don’t understand why they’re asking me this.” Once I reeled my confusion in and centered myself I had an image come to me. It was a fish. A pretty little orange goldfish swimming in circles in a fish bowl. Then a bullet, or something, came at it and shattered it. The glass flew into a million different pieces and the water came crashing down all around where the fish bowl had been. But the fish was still there. Still swimming around in circles as it had been before. Nothing changed for the fish.

This was a very dramatic and enlightening vision and I didn’t really understand it fully at the time, I’m not even sure that I do now. However, later that night as I shared this occurrence and verbalized it to someone else I felt like the message deepened for me and became a little clearer. I told the story much like I have told you here but then at the end I processed it a little further…

The fish bowl is like the world, and the water is everything that holds it together, and we are the fish. And if it all were to shatter and fall apart tomorrow we would be ok. None of it would really matter because we would still be the fish and we would still be swimming around. God’s faith holds us constant in that.

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