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Love Yourself

Photography is in my heartLove yourself.

That is the greatest gift you could give in your life.

Self-worth sets the tone for all other relationships in your life.

And when others can look at you and see how you value yourself, they too will see how to value you, because you are valuable. And they may even see how to also value themselves.

And if they choose not to treat you with value, then you just keep loving yourself anyway, and trust that there must be some lesson to be learned for those involved. Sometimes the lesson is for you as well on your path of learning how to love yourself better.

In life we all strive for reaching a better place, we’re human, we all want to go up. We can see this natural tendency in an infant who has learned to crawl stairs. Over and over they are drawn to them, all they want to do is go up, and again, and again. It is important to them. It marks growth and accomplishment and builds their sense of self. The same is true for adults. It is ingrained in us this desire for going up, ascending.

But just as the child could not crawl up if the stairs were not solid and supportive you too need a solid base with which to ascend on. How solid your base is has much to do with how high you can be supported to go. And it is here where I will tell you that your greatest support in life is your love for yourself. If you stripped all else bare, it is you. YOU are the greatest support in your life no matter what, no matter who, no matter how much. The key to ascension is self-love. And it is masterfully powerful.

So, love yourself.


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  1. Reblogged this on Jade Nagaraja and commented:
    Love yourself first. You can only see your reflection in the world. The more you love yourself, the more bliss you can see in the world.

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