Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

hearts and flowers

At the beginning of a New Year I like to do an intuitive check-in and get a read on what it feels like this year will be about. When I check in about this year I get the word, “passion,” and it feels like 2013 will be a year of red. It feels like there are two aspects to this redness. First, it is referring to the root chakra, an active and physical power center, which is the color red, and located at the base of your spine. I am getting the impression that it will be a year for establishing a new base or root for yourself. A year of grounding into who you are; who you really are. But red is also a color for love which is a function of the heart chakra. In combining these two reds it feels like this year will be one for merging what you do (root chakra), with what you love (heart chakra). It’s about passion. Passion in many endeavors! Passion in relationships. Passion through the love you have for your children, your family, your friends. Passion in perception, partaking in more of what you love, seeing more of what your heart desires. Passion in being. Being swept up with your emotions and the good emotions, the one’s that make you giggle with delight and shriek with joy. Taking time to explore the loves in your life, the many, many loves. Knowing that you don’t have just one passion but that you have many! Also, when I talk about being passionate in what you do I’m not talking about your job, if you are not passionate about your job that’s fine, it really doesn’t matter, you have all other areas of your life to figure out what your passions are and bring them into being for yourself. A job feeds you and pays the bills. It funds your life. A passion feeds your soul and funds the sense of being ALIVE. Now that is important too!

What is passion anyway?

When I say passion I am speaking of the sense of having a powerfully compelling feeling of love. Being passionate means you express with your heart. You are unbridled and intense with your feelings. Your passions take over, your loves take over, and lead you in fulfilling ways down the path of your life.

Connecting with and knowing what your passions are, are the key to connecting with the person who you are, the person you are meant to become, and the person you will be. It doesn’t necessarily mean leave any certain circumstance, such as a job, a relationship, or whatever, but it means BE passionate. Live your life with passion, explore what your passions are, harness them and bring them into being in your life so that you are free to create the most fulfilling life you have come here to live.

So think about what really fuels you, maybe even make a list, and then express your passionate self. Allow loving and doing to become synonymous by giving yourself time to do what you love and expand in those areas. As an example, I will give you some of my passions to get your mind working and thinking about yours. These are not necessarily even things I am good at but they are things that I love doing. I have a passion for cooking really good food for my family. I have a passion for sharing time with my girlfriends. I have a passion for intuitive work. I have a passion for reading. A passion for writing. A passion for photography. I have a passion for sunsets. Now listing these gets my mind swirling with all different kinds of ideas of how I can explore these passions and express them more in my life. And it gets me excited, feeling chargeded and ready to go, like, what do I get to do first?

So right now (or at an appropriate time) for 2013 set an intention to explore your passions and express them. Take them, and yourself, to a new level of being and BE Passionate. Cash in on being human and use that double-sided coin that says, “be passionate about life” on one side and on the flip side it says, “make life your passion.” Get it going both ways coming to you and coming from you. Win-win. Gotta love it!

Happy New Year and absolute best of luck to you in your heart’s endeavors for 2013!

Much Love,


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