Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

Just writing: Part I

She kneels there, alone in the snow. The trees stretch and sprawl out above her creating a canopy as she stills to listen. There is no sound or sign of anyone following today in the woods. The seat of her pants is soaked and cold from resting back upon her snowy boots. Her eyes dart from left to right. Quickly she turns her head to look behind her one last time and then in a flash her mitten is off and her hand is on the bird half-frozen in the snow.

“Be quick. Be quick.” She whispers to the little bird. Using her teeth to pull at the other mitten she quickly frees her second hand. With both hands now free and warm on the bird she can  feel its thawing in her chest. It nearly chokes her as the fear builds knowing that she is not supposed to be without her mittens.

A twig snaps to her left. With a quick and jagged inhale her fear spikes and she is off and running. Her stride is more of a leap than a run and she knows she is lucky to have retrieved both mittens. Fumbling to slide the last one over her tingly fingers she notices the bluebird flying beside her. “Shit! Go, get lost.” She commands and the bird dives away on que. She cannot stop, she cannot look, she must just get home now, she’ll be able to check herself there to make sure none of her light pieces were snatched…

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