Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

A Word from My Grandfather

The other morning when I woke up my Grandpa Slanker’s image was in my mind. He was wearing a black and red flannel shirt and was just standing there. A little further into the morning I was driving my son to school. I gasped in awe as I spotted a yellow and orange vertical rainbow in the sky. “Have faith,” were the words I heard instantly. This refraction in the clear blue sky was a symbol and a message for me to have faith in my life despite the current pit of emotion I was finding myself in.

Circumhorizontal Arc (fire rainbow) over Miami...

I dropped my son off and headed back the way I had come, looking to the sky for that sign again. It was gone. But then I felt my Grandfather’s presence and knew he had something to say. I listened and heard him cough and clear his throat like he used to do while sitting in his recliner, quiet and at peace smoking his pipe. Then I heard, “Don’t get carried away with the emotion. Stand still and silent in yourself. And have faith that the efforts you give will equal the returns you receive.”

You see, his presence was unexpected for me and his message even more so. I did not know him well in life and in spirit we are only re-acquainting. However, I really appreciate his words and his encouragement along with the big grin from my grandmother. I could see her standing behind him with her hand on his shoulder. I am much closer with her and have been communicating with her for some time now, so she is familiar to me. There was a knowingness that came forward from her to me letting me know that she had told him he should tell me himself, so I appreciate her role in this as well. This occurrence showed me that even though we were not close in life he does still take an interest in my life and a connection does exist. His message was well received.

I have struggles, just like everyone else, and recently I have been emotional with feelings of both anger and sadness bubbling up. I have been confused in figuring out just why I am having these feelings, why I have been so moody and emotional. There have even been times where I felt my heart threatening to close-up, shut-down, and shut-out, but I am certain that is not a good move. It helps no one, especially me, to cut myself off from my own life.

My grandfather apparently has been watching my struggles and had something to say. He was telling me to keep my heart open and just keep trying, commenting on the very thing I was struggling with. And just like the rainbow in the sky, he too was telling me to have faith.

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