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Crazy Business in the News!

I am not a big news watcher. I find it to be a downer. So it ends up that the round about way I get my news is through other people.

There is a woman who I follow because her messages always seem to resonate with me. Alot of the time what she says speaks to me in deep ways. Her recent post really got my attention so I wanted to repost what she reported on and what I found to be absolutely fascinating and then I have also included some video clips from the newsworthy events that she speaks of.

All credit here goes to Aluna Joy (http://www.facebook.com/#!/alunajoyyaxkin?fref=ts)

Aluna Joy Yaxkin
“I woke this morning knowing that the energy pulse and all it manifestations of this past week have now passed, for now. (100,000 dolphin stampede in San Diego, the Pope stepping down and the Vatican being struck by lightning …. twice … …And the  closest astroid fly by to Earth with a meteor exploding over Russia …. finished off with the biggest solar flare this year). It was a powerful weekend to say the least. What ever this pulse could have triggered has been averted …. thanks to all the light workers in the world.  We are still working to understand the changes in our world even when all the outer evidence seems to be business as usual. Yet inside we can feel something incubating deep in the creative force. I expect we will be witness to many unusual events as the new energy grows and begins to take form. So glad you are all keeping your eyes wide open and your discernment meters turned on full power. Remember . . . you were trained to be architects for a new world. New tools are coming to those who have their eyes open. Xoxo” – Aluna Joy Yaxkin
I had to check out all of these crazy occurrences and have shared links to a few videos for you here:

Dolphin Stampede

Lightning hits the Vatican

Meteor over Russia

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