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Your Name as a Mantra

My task for the day, per my guidance, was to say the mantra of my name in meditation for 30 minutes. A mantra is a word chanted or sung as a prayer. They also suggested that I do this for the next 4 days.

Going into it I understood that a name is a type of vibration and that both saying and thinking my name holds spiritual energy specific to me.

We carry the energy of the name we were given at birth for our whole life. It is like a fingerprint holding identity. In fact, I learned recently in numerology, that the energy of a woman’s  maiden name is more significant than her married name and that it reflects from her personality.

At first I began by silently chanting my name in my mind and then later letting it roll off my tongue in a whisper, sometimes on an inhale, sometimes on an exhale, playing a bit with the experience. Then all at once it became known to me that I was attuning to myself. Linking the energy of my name to the energy of me in harmony.

During one segment of the 30 minutes I could feel the energy of my name. The first half of my name felt like a wide open circle and the second half of my name felt like an inverted donut, flipping into itself as a band of energy. Intuitively the deeper meaning of my name came through as, “an open space becoming as one.” That was really fascinating to feel. Do you wonder what your name feels like to you? Say it now and see if you get any impressions. Notice how it rises and falls or perhaps how your body responds to it.

Wow, life is so strange and beautiful.

It seems a peaceful enough exercise but doing the 30 minutes of my name as a mantra was a challenge for me. My mind wandered aimlessly as I sat and at times I definitely wondered how much more time I had and fought the urge to open my eyes and peek at the timer. However, I did notice that reciting my name was a solid place to focus. When my mind continually led me away it was my name that led me back to me. It provided a vehicle to circle back around to being me, separate from my thoughts.

By the time the timer went off and the meditative mantra was done I felt much more settled, more inwardly focused, even slower, and gentler. My daughter, as divine timing would have it, had just came down from her nap as I was finishing up. She came to show me something in her hand and as I slowly, with full-awareness, put my hands next to hers reaching for what she was showing, I took a moment to notice the beauty of our hands together. Her sweet small perfect little fingers of youth and my larger worn fingers of age. Then I touched her hand as she held the piece out to me. My fingers of love and care gently wrapping around hers. And then I looked to her face, to her eyes, and felt the mystery of love with no need for accordance, no need for explanation or mention, standing motionless between us. My daughter, my beautiful daughter, I see your life and your soul in the wonder and expression of your face. Never before having looked at our hands together in this way, I was full of wonderment, and in the consciousness that broke through during this glimpse of noticing that which goes unnoticed, I knew my 30 minutes had been well spent.

In conclusion I would say chanting your name as mantra is a way to bring your spirit into being and I would most definitely recommend it.

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