Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…



hands (Photo credit: tamaki)

Our creativity is our individuality.

Creativity can be inspired through things already known, and added onto things already in existence, but at its deepest truth creativity is a divine seed planted in each of us that emanates the unique spark of our individuality. When we open ourself to the light that shines from within we open ourself to that creativity that naturally comes through. We are creative in so many mindless ways such as how we style our hair, how we make an egg, how we choose to rise each morning. And yet there are some who get hung up on the word “creative” and think  of it in the more traditional sense of painting, sculpture, writing, and so on, and they forget that they too are creative. We all are creator beings. It is impossible to be human and to not create and that’s why we are likened to God himself, the greatest creator of all.

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