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My Children’s Children

I have just finished showering and I get the overwhelming feeling that someone wants to speak with me.

I am grabbing a pair of socks from the top drawer of my dresser when my eyes happen upon the Irish Marriage blessing that is hanging on the wall of my bedroom. It reads, “children’s children,” and in this moment I know that it is them who wish to speak with me. I am already tearing up, touched by the realization that they wish to speak with me, their someday grandmother, here today.  In moments like this it is clear that I not only live in this world but that I am also living between worlds. As an intuitive and as a seer, I am able to pick-up on these subtle frequencies of communication that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Sunflowers (Photo credit: Aiz Baig)

I close my eyes and someone draped in white and unrecognizable steps forward. They hold out a big sunflower. Its center is what my eyes are drawn to first. It is a warm dark brown and very large and from that center part of the flower comes many, many beautiful yellow petals that are attached. They tell me, “This is like you.” I can tell that they are referring  to the petals, as I see a close up of them zoom in through my mind’s eye. “And we are your seeds. We are what passes when time does away with your brilliant beauty of life. We are the seeds you leave behind.” And now I am very moved and crying as I see there are thousands and thousands of them all of which have come from my own flowering life.

I feel the message here is that I am one to mature. I am one who will reach the end of her cycle, her full cycle of life, and as my petals fall and I become a whisper on the wind there are many who will follow behind me, who will make their own mark through the path that I have laid. And this, of course, is true for all with children.

Oh my gosh, how are we all not connected? I wonder this as I see a deeper layer of the soul’s life as a human. The world is really made up of one great ball of intersecting light and we on the surface are the connecting pieces. As I am connected with my family in this time, I am also connected with others from other times. We are indeed all a grand display of nature splaying seeds, and for her it is not thousands it is millions upon millions. As my grandchildren are my thousand, we are her millions, and it is really a grand display of life, and we are all a part of that life.

“Is there anything more?” I ask of my Grandchildren.

“Rest now Grandmama, we love you.” And again with the tears.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I really benefited from reading this!

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