Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

A dear friend of mine, Annette Schaab, had shared an incredible experience she recently had and I wanted to share it with you in her words…

“I had a revelation last night: I was driving home in the snow, from clearing the energy in my clients home, when all of a sudden I saw red break lights. All I knew is I had 2 get off on the ramp that was to my right. I was not afraid at all, not because I thought I was invincible,  but because I knew if I would be afraid I would attract the very thing I was afraid of. It was instantaneous!  As I was exiting the ramp, a car came spinning out of control & my 1st instinct was to send energy to that car to make sure they were safe. it didn’t  cross my mind that I could possibly hit it & I was still centered with peace fron the meditative state I was in while conducting the clearing. The out of control car repelled me like opposite ends of a magnet. Though we were inches away. I knew that I would be safe as long as I stayed centered & at peace and I was! I arrived home safe and sound! When facing something unknown it is important to stay centered & at peace so you can repel fear & attract the outcome you desire.” ~ Annette Schaab

Thank you Annette for sharing your experience and insight with us!
Annette, along with Ruby May, is also the author of the children’s book The Secret Power Within Us All, which beautifully teaches the power and magic of Healing Crystals and their effects on our bodies, minds, and spirits. It is a wonderful book, one of our family favorites.

The Secret Power Within Us All is available on amazon:

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