Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

Once upon a time there was a little star that looked just like you. The star grew and grew and became bigger and brighter and knew only joy and peace. But then one day the little star noticed an even bigger and brighter star and it began to judge and compare itself to this other bright and beautiful star. It began to forget how big and bright and beautiful it was. It said, “I’m not as sparkly. I’m not as pretty.” And then it began to doubt its own shine and slowly started to fade and dim.

What happened to the little star who dimmed its own light by not believing that its shine was bright enough? I don’t know… but I’m sure your story is not over yet.

Beyond the skin and bone of who you are lies the star shine of your soul. It is not to be dimmed, it is to grow and expand. Your star shine is your essence and when people look at you that is what they see beyond your skin and bone. The skin and bone is only the dense material it has to get through in order to shine bigger and brighter.

We put too much emphasis on what we think we look like in the eyes of others when the truth of it is that we are all shining stars and if we could let go of comparison and judgment then we would continue moving forward in building our capacity to shine instead of hindering it.

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