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In My Life

This song has deep meaning for me…

I first discovered it as a 14-year-old girl. I remember listening to it over and over and memorizing the words. It was around the time that my Grandpa, my Mom’s dad, died. Then when my Mom died in 2001 I picked this song to be played at her funeral. From that point on it brought out such raw emotion every time I would hear it.

When my first child was born I began singing it to him like a lullaby. The first couple times that I tried to sing it I held him so close and stared at his sweet little face as tears poured down my cheeks. It was hard to get all the way through the song as it brought up such sadness for missing my Mom but I knew that eventually I would be able to sing it and not weep and so I tried for this every night.

At last when the tears did not come anymore the song took on a new dimension for me. It was no longer rooted in the pain of loss but in the fullness of love expressed. I would still sing it and think of my Mom but it was now also for my sweet child that I held in my arms and then later for his sister. We have since moved out of the lullaby stage but occasionally I will still sing it to express to them how very much I love them. For me this song is the culmination of love. Love lived, love lost, and love expressed…in my life.

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  1. I love this song too, and so many of The Beatles songs really. Music can touch us in so many ways, bringing forth a myriad of feelings. Thanks for sharing your experience with this timeless song.

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