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As a Healer

Working as a Healer is an interesting and humbling experience. You never know what course of action will pop-up as the route to take for the person receiving the healing and you never know what will be revealed as the real cause of their issue. We all have many dimensions to who we are and often times in a healing the dimensions stretch holistically across our emotions, our mental state, our physical condition, and even our spiritual self.

To work in someone’s energy field as a healer you must be able to tune into them on a subtle level in order to pick-up on what their connections are that need to be unblocked or amped up. During a healing I am in constant communication with the person’s body, mind, and soul, as well as their spiritual guidance team, and my own, so that I can follow the signals being communicated and deliver the most optimal healing for their highest good. These signals come through as images and colors, as words heard or spoken, as physical sensations, and even as feelings or knowingness.

Also, I am not actually generating the healing energy but am quite simply the channel for the divine to move through. I am the facilitator, an important member of the team as I am here in the physical realm, but during a healing I am more so like a tool than a guiding hand. My own body, mind, and soul act as a healing field for the energy to be amplified and directed through but the divine is always the guiding hand and the energy source in this co-creative process of healing.

Being a healer takes a lot of practice and a good course of study to familiarize yourself with a particular healing technique.  Then in time as you hone in on your individual skill as a healer it becomes a little more free-flowing and ends up being so much more like play than like work. Each time that I lay my hands on someone the process emerges as its very own unique snowflake. No two healings are ever the same and the end result always crystallizes as a beautifully relaxed, re-centered, and often times revitalized individual. And each time that I lay my hands on someone I am grateful for their trust and am so humbled to be doing this work. It is truly a gift from God, both to myself, and to others.

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  1. I like your comment about how each energy session is different from the next like a snowflake. 🙂

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