Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

Celebrating Memorial Day yesterday my 6-year-old asks, “Why did God make war?”

I respond, “God didn’t make war, people did.”

“God gave us free will and with that there are some people who have hate and anger and use it against others. That’s how war starts. And then in war there are those who defend us, our country, our rights, and our freedom.”

God didn’t make war. He only gave us the space to create our own world and make our own choices. And look what we have done with that responsibility.

That is why connecting to God on a personal level through developing your intuition (your ability to hear God’s voice that comes through you) and being able to listen to your heart is so important now. We have a lot to correct in creating the world of our future. We have a lot to correct in our personal lives.

It is not a time to cling to politics and religion for they seem to only fuel the fire. It is a time to cling to God and begin to know God’s voice through yourself. It is a time to be stronger than war, the war you have going on with yourself or the war you have going on with others.

God is accessible to all and his voice is one of only love. That is the voice we each need to embody, the voice of love that moves through us, God’s voice.

Choose to create more love in your personal world, in your life, and you will begin a powerful ripple effect. God did not make war he made love and love is the most powerful tool to master… so use it.

When in doubt, just send love.

“I send you true, pure, and masterful love.”

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