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Classic diagram of a dispersion prism from Eng...

Classic diagram of a dispersion prism from English Wikipedia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Infinity and the Rainbow… to me it sounds like a children’s story waiting to happen but for today they are two important signs being repeated in my life.

First of all, Infinity is the unending flow of life, your life. Death is an illusion; you never actually stop existing you just keep on going in a different form of reality and in a different way of living. There is life after death. You are infinite.

Second, a Rainbow is a sign of love from Heaven. It is also that which colors our world through water and light. We are water and light and in this divine concoction comes through the colors of our chakra system. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. And white the highest celestial vibration of light contains all the colors of the rainbow, as do we.

We are the rainbow and we are the infinite.

So why here and why now am I writing about this? I can tell you that I’m not quite sure. Just that they have both came up for me three times recently and intersect with today. Also, I know that in the world of using your intuition if something comes up three times you had better listen.

I can also tell you that I did have a different blog all ready to go but was getting the feeling to hang back with it and instead to write this one for you today.

Infinity Guitar

To break it down briefly, Infinity came up for me a little while back in transcribing my journals for my future memoir, it came up Tuesday night while doing a healing, and it came up yesterday as I received an unexpected gift in the mail of a beautiful locket from a very dear friend. In it was the Infinity symbol catching my eye right away, peaking my curiosity with such perfect timing, and eluding to something else yet unknown.

rainbow from Nama

Rainbow came up for me last Friday when my son Gavin had his piano recital and another dear friend took a picture of him at the piano and in it there was an orb (a spirit caught on camera). Upon leaving the recital a beautiful rainbow shined across the sky and both Gavin and I knew that my Mom had been there with us. Then yesterday randomly I was inspired to write this:

So, I’ve been chasing a Rainbow for months, trying to achieve ultimate balance and being, and when I get to the end of the rainbow what do I discover but I’ve had the pot of Gold all along. The pot of gold I’ve been trying to chase down at the end of the rainbow has always been in me. It has always been with me. How silly of me to have been searching for it for so long – chasing all of the colors of the world all over when all along they all merged within me, the celestial rainbow, and here sits in my very skin and bones, my very own pot of gold, my soul. I am the pot of Gold… and I found myself.

And then this morning as I tiredly turned on the tv in our room for our 2-year-old to watch a show, Jake and the Never Land Pirates all too perfectly had a rainbow in it. At that point I thought to myself, “there’s that rainbow again.” A bit later in checking my email from yet another very dear friend and reading an Energy Forecast for June the rainbow pops up again as Emmanuel Dagher writes about “The Rainbow Effect.” It is at this point that I know I am supposed to write about this today. The sense comes through as a knowingness, a feeling, and a nudge from all that has been built-up and leads to this exact moment.

I don’t know what comes beyond it, but it just feels right.

T2i - Infinity

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on infinity and intuition. I have recently had a powerful experience in trusting my spiritual intuition and have written a song about trusting that intuition. It’s also about our human longing to understand the eternal things that we can not understand yet. Considering our similar themes, I thought you may get something out of listening to it (and downloading it if you like it!): http://wp.me/s3mOze-124.

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