Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

This information came through in a reading when I was pregnant with my daughter. The messenger source was an angel. I have taken what was told to me and share it here with you. Please share it with others as it is beautiful knowledge of  the ability for a Mother to bless her child at birth.

Baby boy after birth

~ A Mother’s Gift, A Mother’s Blessing ~

            It was an ancient practice for a mother to bless her child as she gave birth to them.  It was a gift that God gave to women to give to their children.  It was a gift and a practice that has been forgotten but is now to be remembered.

At the time of birth the child’s soul is separating from the mother’s soul and the baby is coming into its own being, presenting itself to the world as One.  This is a sacred time in which the mother is empowered to bestow upon this new life her body gives, her child, a special and powerful blessing.

It is a time of great physical pain for the mother, there is great energy, and great intensity there that can be harnessed and directed towards the benefit of the child.  In all the pain the mother is enduring she can focus on all things positive for her child and in the strength behind it she will be giving that energy as a gift to the child.

During the parting of the two at this unique and special timing, the mother can visualize and think of all of the greatest of things that her child will have.  The deepest of love, the greatest of success, the clearest sense of self, the truest of integrity, whatever it may be these are the gifts the mother intends her child to carry with them through the endurance of their life.  They are being invoked as a blessing and a protection, and it is giving the child strength to go through whatever it has to go through in this lifetime.

It is also at this time that the mother is able to call forth any Angles the child has chosen or any Angels the mother would like working with her child throughout their life.  This invokes the Angel and dedicates their positive presence in the life of the child.

Once the child is born, the mother should record for her child all that she blessed them with as they entered into their new and profound space of being.  A beautiful child of God living on Earth.

Love Realized.

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