Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

Now is a time to balance and neutralize ancestral links. These are the familial ties that connect to pieces of who you are and that are rooted in the past, in the energy that you carry from your blood line. So they are not specifically yours but have most definitely been a part of you, same as your genetics or DNA. Whether these ancestral ties have manifested through you as fear, addiction, physical pain or ailments, or in the more favorable forms of character, zest for life, connection and wisdom, or quirky habits, it is time to cleanse that palette and bring it to a new caliber of being.

Many embers of your ancestors are stored within you. Be grateful for their lives and the essence of their lessons learned. Be grateful for the path they have paved and for creating a space in time for you to exist. Feel the gratitude now that you have for them in your heart. Feel gratitude fill your heart.


You too are an ancestor. A link of lineage to the future generations of your family. You are collecting divine bits of knowledge and experience that will merge as ancestral wisdom. As you stand in your own autonomy, a strong link, you are connected to those who have come before you and to those who have yet to come. This is the sacred chain of life and your importance is paramount. You are connected by blood, by breath, and by spirit. Your ancestors step forward now and offer you this unique opportunity to cleanse.

English: Street light orbs Polski: Efekt orb, ...

When you are ready speak aloud, “”Thank you ancestors for all that you have gifted myself and my family. We are grateful for your lives and for your experiences. All ties have served a purpose and all ties have had value, but now is a time for me to carry forward only those ties that serve my highest good and soul purpose.”

Visualize the 10th chakra. It is 1 and 1/2 feet under your feet and under the surface of the Earth. It appears as the color brown. It is open and ready for recalibration.

Speak and say, “I call on all ancestral ties that are for my highest good and soul purpose to illuminate in bright white light.” See these strands lighting up in your 10th chakra.

Then say, “I call on all ancestral ties that no longer serve a purpose for the highest good of myself and my family to fall away.” See these strands too, duller in color and shrinking.

Bring your attention to the brilliance of the illuminated strands and notice how their light completely fills this chakra. The white strands are getting bigger and brighter and are fully cleansing this chakra.

Feel the strands that are not illuminated sink down deeper into the Earth as they release from your chakra and from your entire energy field. They continue to sink deeper and deeper until they are fully absorbed by the Earth and you can no longer see them. Only clear space is left behind lit up by illumination.

Sit with this for as long as you feel is necessary. You may feel physical releases within your body, a lightening of your heart, or settling of your bones.

Take a nice breath in and exhale out feeling more grounded in your own being and internally balanced.

And say, “Thank you ancestors of white light.”

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