Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

As you may have noticed I have shifted to posting just on Tuesday’s. A slowing in one area to make room for a speeding up in another I suppose.

I have had the most wonderful summer with my children and although summer is not yet over for our household I feel it creeping back into a heavier work time for me.

Recently, I bought a healing table and am feeling tugged to find a space to offer healing and intuitive services. I am also looking forward to getting back my one free (no kids) work day a week in about a month and getting back into my voracious writing. Plus I have two manuscripts ready to send out to potential agents and publishers!

But the most exciting thing coming up in this next month of August is that I have a new book that will be released.  I have been working on this book for 14 months with a co-author, Dick Edwards, and it has just came back from the designer so we are so close now!

My Grandparent: A Life & Times Journal for Grandchildren of All Ages is a book that sets-up quality time for conversation during which the grandchild records important family history as told by the grandparent and the two create a family heirloom together. It serves two purposes by deepening the family bond between generations and by collecting a written account of all the stories that you love, and even more that you may have never heard, putting them into a form to be shared and cherished. It is an interactive and heart centered book for the family and I am so proud to be bringing it to you.

And the timing of its release couldn’t be more perfect because Grandparent’s Day is September 8th. And what a lovely gift this book would make 🙂

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