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Animal Spirit Guide Message

The other morning I woke up and was allowed some quiet, uninterrupted time, to just lay in bed. Usually when this happens I call on all of my angels, guides, and ascended masters to be with me. Sometimes I can feel their energy as they send me gentle healing and sometimes I receive messages.

I would say in the days leading up to this I have felt a little bit stagnant energetically. Kind of in a confused state not knowing or seeing which way to go or what to go with next. I even pulled a card the other day that literally said I am at a standstill.

So on this particular morning when I got an image of a bird I knew it was a message to pay attention to. I could see the whole bird very clearly, especially the specific markings on its head, a mix of white with streaks of brown.  In fact the bird was so clear I could feel and see it in my energy field perched atop my head. I could even feel its talons etherically tangle in my hair. I watched the bird as it just sat there but even though my perched friend did not move I was shown another image. It was of the bird flying high up into the sky, to the Heavens, and then flying down low, to the Earth, moving between the two spaces effortlessly. It felt like I could do both of these things and that I will.

So my next move was to get my lazy butt out of bed and grab my Animal Spirit Guides book by Steven Farmer. This way I could see what this bird was and read further into its message. I actually had to flip through the whole book to find it. Nope not it, nope not it, as I felt the energy and passed the images of condor, eagle, and hawk. When I got to the image of a Kite, which is a bird, energetically it struck me as a match but my logical mind wanted to be positive. I thought hmm this might be it, but it wasn’t until I was able to pull up an image on the computer and see its markings on its head that I was for sure. It is interesting to me now as I write this that the head was its describing feature and that it too was perched upon my head; no doubt bringing awareness to my mind.

There are several possible messages in the book but only a few resonated. Two of them stuck out to me as things that have ironically been on my mind: eating healthy foods and taking a yoga class. Truth be told I have been on quite a binge eating horribly and my plan is to turn it around this week but also I have been wanting to take a Kundalini yoga class for years and have just recently found out that there is one taught locally! I plan to attend this week as well. These two messages were indeed a direct link but the message that actually stood out to me the most was the one that read:

Take off your mask and let the world know who you really are.

As I read this understanding flooded in and I got the full message. The other two are merely supports for the third, “Take off your mask and let the world know who you really are.” Instinctively my first reaction was to hesitate because it is scary to share yourself so openly but my hesitation passed in a fleeting moment and I knew that for me this meant to pick up where I left off in the spring and keep going with writing my memoir. It is part of who I am to share it, to share the story of who I am. So today is the day that I start my daily transcribing again.

In the spring it took me 88 days to transcribe 2 months of work, I wonder how long it will take me this time?

(Red Kite Bird of Prey by James Barker)

(Red Kite Bird of Prey by James Barker)

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