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A Reading for you the Reader

Today I have decided to pull a card from one of my oracle card decks. My intention is that it carries a message for each of you whom read my blog.


A reading for you:

November 2013 102

When I look at this card the first thing that I see is the man who appears to be in a struggle. He is holding a wand out in front of himself in protection. However, you should notice that the six wands that appear to be coming at him aggressively are also exactly the same as the one he uses to defend himself. To me this means – use those things that seem like hindrances to your own advantage right now.

I also would like to note that at any time he can reach out and take in hand another one of those aggressive wands – do not back down, use your position to your own advantage and acquire what you need, and always with the intention of the highest good for all.

I also notice that he is standing in a field of wheat, a crop to be harvested. This is a symbol of abundance – there is enough to sustain you so that you may take what you need. Make your struggles work for you in rising on your own ground and providing for your own needs – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, or a combination. You will know which one is your personal focus as it should stand out to you as you read them.

Lastly I would like to note that I can see a face in the blue of the sky. This represents your angels, guides, and God who is helping you behind the scenes. So please remember to ask them to help you in providing for your own healthful needs.

May God bless you and may you have a most grateful Thanksgiving.

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