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Listen To Your True Feelings

In preparation for the closing of 2013 and the opening of 2014 I pulled an oracle card for myself. “Listen to your true feelings,” is what it said. After thinking on it and trying to connect with the deepest truth of my direction and how I am currently feeling, this is what I wrote:

Sunrise Path

Sunrise Path (Photo credit: `James Wheeler)

My journey is about me. It is about me being me and if I can add to the world, assist people in their own process, and deliver graces of God I am humbled, grateful, and in awe. But the goal in my life is not about what I will do to help others it is about reaching deep within myself and pulling out more of my divine being-ness. It’s about being present. Being local to the moment, space, and people in my life. Fully attentive to the spirit that is me.  That is what is, so that being said being a writer is about my flow expressing creatively while being a healer is about being in the flow of the world. The two are never to be separated – personal flow and global flow. That is the grandest scale of perfection in creation, that all is intertwined. The two are not singular, but are one. Creativity and perception translates into inspiration for others. Like saying, “This is what I see, this is what I feel, now take it and make it your own.” Emerge first within yourself and later from yourself as your divine and inspirational gifts are picked up in the global flow of life distinguishing you as a living and breathing being and as sole creator for one destiny ~ your own. It is not about me…. it is about you. And you must find it for yourself. Inner guidance is available to all. And each in our own way are expressions of our journey to live in our own creation of time, writing our masterpiece that is life.

Reflect on these words, reflect on who you are, and start asking yourself questions…”How do I really feel?”  Become your own light and your own guide. This is how it is to become.

The path becomes easier when you’re friends with yourself and love is the most masterful key.

Comments on: "Listen To Your True Feelings" (2)

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes said:

    This is so interesting. Are Oracle cards like Tarot? I was going to learn Tarot but couldn’t continue to afford what the lady was asking. Yet, I still have my cards and pulled out ‘Page of Cups’ the other day. If you had time, would you know anything on that? Only if you are inclined.

    I love that photo. It actually looks like in the Land of Oz.

    • Hi! Yes Oracle cards are used like tarot cards. There are many decks out there so google and see what pops up and pulls at your attention. One of my favorite beginner decks is Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. Oracle card decks in general contain positive and uplifting messages and I think you would enjoy a deck of your own. Typically they come with their own book that explains how to use them and then your free to experience for yourself. Good luck choosing just one 😉

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