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Energy-scope for June

Well I’m not an astrologer, I can’t write horoscopes. But, I do read energy so can I write an energy-scope? I’m brave enough to try something new and forgiving enough to fail so here goes…

There’s some turbulence. New wind is blowing in. Wind is what picks things up and carries them away. It’s good to be mindful of not getting too carried away this month. Stay grounded as the winds pick-up around you and you may find new strength in not being swayed. Also, watch for falling debris; that which has tripped you up has the potential to do so again. Only you have the power to change your own outcome and breathe in fresh air instead of the stale old mist of repetitive emotion.

Inner Key to get through the month smoother: Find time to breathe.  Focus on the control of your own breath as a daily energy exercise and fill your belly full of this replenishing life force energy. Consciously taking in more of your own breath will actually help you to stay grounded.

Comments on: "Energy-scope for June" (2)

  1. Love the “energy-scope” idea, Korinn! Seemed very resonant with my own impressions. I appreciate your adventurous spirit and look forward to more energy-scopes as you are led to write them!

    • Thank you Susan! It was fun to do and interesting to notice that the theme was wind. I will definitely be doing the daily breathing and watching out for getting tripped up by old patterns. Good luck to you as well as you reap the benefits the month holds.

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