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An Unintentional Guru

I read these words 5 days before I meet Kevin Farrow founder of the modern healing modality AcuEnergetics®. I am to study under him for a month while he is in the United States from Australia.

“A great Yogi is anyone who has achieved the permanent state of enlightened bliss. A Guru is a great Yogi who can actually pass that state on to others… What passes from the master into the disciple is something called mantravirya: “The potency of the enlightened consciousness.” You come to your Guru, then, not only to receive lessons, as from any teacher, but to actually receive the Guru’s state of grace.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Hmm, could it be I unintentionally have a Guru?

All I know is I am ready. Ready for his knowledge and wisdom, and his devices of healing to be imparted on me. I am ready for my life to change through him and to walk the path of being able to change the life of others through me.

Divine timing could not be sweeter.

Thank you God.

Comments on: "An Unintentional Guru" (2)

  1. nelliepmoore said:

    Wonderful Post Korinn! I too am feeling very ready and blessed to be able to meet and learn from Kevin. It’s going to be amazing. I’ve been reviewing and reading Kevin’s book ENLIGHTEN – PRACTICES FOR THE MODERN MYSTIC – THE THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM in preparation for the training next week and came across his reference to Guru’s which I was likewise really touched by and love as much as what you shared.

    On page 5 of the book he says, “When we love outside of ourselves, this love is more of an expression of the desire that arises from our ego, rather than a true expression of the heart. This outer love emanates from the center underneath the heart, which in India is sometimes termed the guru chakra, The reason that it is termed this, is that love for a guru is an expression of going out rather than going in.

    Guru love and boyfriend/girlfriend love are the same – they are both outer expressions of desire. This is not widely understood by followers of spiritual teachers. Many worship their teachers and seek to make great enlightened beings of them, in much the same way that Christians put Jesus on a pedestal and later Buddhists built huge statues of Buddha. This has nothing to do with the mystic path. The path of the mystic is only inward, into our own consciousness. The truth is, there are no teachers, only helpers and friends who help us to turn inward. If someone’s words or pictures help us to turn to ourselves and our own consciousness, they are helpful – otherwise they are not.”

    It was refreshing and wonderful to read this and reminded me of the times in the past that I had placed others on a pedastal and given myself to seeking oneness, unity, to something external, rather then being love myself.

    Kevin further shares, “When love is something that is projected outside of us onto something else, it is not love in the pure sense. Love isn’t something that we do – it has to be something that we are.”

    Thank you Kevin! I am so looking forward to opening to and being fully something that I AM . . . Love

    • That’s beautiful Nellie! Thanks for sharing it here with me, love it! So glad you are part of this journey with us all 🙂 See you soon!!!

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