Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

We all experience life in different ways, it is the most prominent part of our uniqueness. No one else can see through these eyes or feel through this skin, no one else can see through your eyes or feel through your skin. I had a unique experience that I wanted to share, because even though we are unique in our experiences, the threads that connect us and the fibers that make up life are really all the same. And isn’t it true that sometimes seeing others through our own eyes helps us to see our self, helps us to feel more connected and secure in the fabric that is life… helps us to realize we are truly not alone in our seemingly solitaire experience through eyes and skin.

I had a session last week with a fellow healer and during our session what bubbled up to the surface was that I was feeling stifled. Stifled in different areas of life and in expressing my own unique voice. As I laid there on the healing table talking about where I was emotionally and releasing being stuck, I started to be able to see and feel that my feet were submerged in thick, brown mud. I really was stuck and it was hard to move. I kept repeating, “I release being stuck,” and a huge flood of water began to run through the lower half of my body washing away the sticky mud and cleansing my energy. In my vision, and in my life too, I had been focused down, as if only seeing where my feet were stuck in the mud, but as I shifted my line of sight off of where I was stuck I noticed what lay above me—the wide open free sky. It was beautiful, blue and clear, and endless. I was in complete awe of its majestic beauty and I felt so small, that it made me smile. Wow.Ainto the great wide open

Close your eyes right now and imagine that you are looking up at the beautiful cIear blue sky… doesn’t that just lift your heart a little.

Where my mind took me next was into acute awareness that my stuck-ness was partly based on where I had been focusing. That the reason I was stuck was because of me! I was making myself stuck by bringing my focus in life down. Yeah, so what that certain areas in my life are a bit slow and murky, look at what else is right before me… the sky as the limit. It was my own mental confine that was really making me stuck and not necessarily the predicament I was in. Through attention energy builds up in our mind around the thoughts we think continually this makes that energy bigger and can make those problems seem bigger, and perhaps even seem like they deserve more of our time… but the truth is, the world is too large, you are too large, to allow what small piece of life that isn’t working so much attention, it steals from you. And in this case I had been stealing from myself.

               After that flash of insight I could feel my spiritual guides and angels below my feet clearing out the rest of that stuck energy that was binding me down. I could feel them all around me, their love, help and support and I asked them, “Please keep helping me.” Life feels so much easier with help. In that instant I was completely free to step out of the mud and so I did. And as I did I became a little girl again running across the sod field behind the house I grew up in, running and playing. The sun was brilliant and shining, kissing my crown and my face as I flew free over the earth, blowing dandelion fluff, and spinning a rainbow colored pinwheel. Bearing a heart of lightness, of freedom, and play, I could hear these words in my mind, “I am a bird, I was never meant to touch down too long on the earth.” And then my guides showed me an image of an old toy from childhood called a view finder- where you click a lever and the scene you are viewing through changes. I heard, “It is just my turn.” And then the lever clicked to illustrate when my turn is done being viewed through it is someone else’s turn until mine comes back around. At that point I could feel myself in a circle of beings, as part of the circle. I could see hands holding my hands and they stretched on to other peoples’ hands on either side of me. Isn’t that life, and family? Each hand stretched between those that have come before us and those that come beyond, making a continual circle of life. If our human family is one circle of “taking turns” then they were showing me a secondary circle of taking turns, with those who are part of what I call my spiritual team. I have had this same feeling many times before, and here it was coming up again and this time exceptionally clear… “Your life is not a solitary effort it is a group effort, just as you are walking and breathing and living on this earth, we too are walking and breathing with you, your life is our effort too. Together we each have a piece to play. Together we each have a turn to take.”

So there it was, while I had been feeling stuck and letting it bring me down, my team was behind the scenes so willing and able to help move things around and to help me feel lighter and freer and more connected to my truth~ that I just have to be me. That’s everyone’s unique truth, be you. But it doesn’t have to be solely your job to live your life, learn how to ask for help from your team and then step down and let them take their turn while you focus on lighter brighter places of your beingness. Life is a unique effort but through the threads that connect us and the fibers that make up life, is woven the help of your team. You have no idea the love put into your life from those who surround you that you cannot see, as you are entrusted to craft your life through eyes and skin, they are entrusted to be of support to you. Allow them to take a turn for you in your life by simply saying, “Team help me now.”

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