Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

In life you are your own worst enemy and your own best friend.

You alone are the one that can do the best for yourself and at the turn of a hand you are the one who can do the worst for yourself.

So where is the knowledge in this, where is the balance?

In loving both equally.

When you stand in the middle and love yourself wholly– there is no wrong, only experience, and in experience we can learn to grow and love ourself more.

The trick to loving the worst of ourself is forgiveness and compassion. The trick to loving the best of ourself is to just be.

It is easy to love that which is good. It is tricky to love that which appears ‘not good.’ But in love itself all categories of good and bad are dissolved.

Acceptance is freedom and love turns the key to a richer life where forgiveness doesn’t have to be earned, it just comes from the openness of loving.

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