Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

The Language of a Wish

What is a wish?

A wish is a message from your heart asking for something you need, desire, or hope for.

There is this beautiful language that happens in our beautiful world and it is the language between spirit and our consciousness. It’s not a language you can hear, see, or read, although sometimes that’s how it is conveyed. It is a language that speaks direct to your heart. That knowingness that resides in your being, that lights up when you “just know” that a message or a sign is coming through for you. And the message bearer being someone not of this physical realm such as a loved one who has passed, an angel or a spirit guide, and yes even the big kahuna himself, God, is actually speaking directly to you through your heart and your spirit’s language, beyond words.

And then on the other side of this subtle communication that takes place between us and spirit, is us. We can be the receiver or we can be the sender. A wish is just this. Not much different from a prayer really. Same energy, same intent, this is what my heart desires…

Do you hear me Universe? Do you hear me God? Do you hear me loved one?



Can you feel that? They are right here. Repeat these last words and just feel…

Do you hear me God?



There is that space that is both you and God, that’s the space the communication stirs through.

Be open. Ask. Receive. And surrender when your asks aren’t answered fast enough or at all. Try to stay open in that as well for that’s the hardest, especially when you are struggling.

You are always connected and there are always new messages and signs to be received that communicate you are heard, seen, and acknowledged, and that spirit is right here with you. Love is right here with you. Always.

Don’t forget to be wishful, don’t forget to be hopeful and to speak up to spirit casting your heart’s wishes. In communication there are two streets so look for the signs but also put your heart’s desires out there so that you may be heard and supported in love by hearing the response back to you. It could be a song, a lucky penny found, a cardinal, a rainbow, a feather found in a strange place, a number seen over and over, words from someone’s mouth that just stand out to you. Or it could just be a feeling in that still calm place in your heart. A feeling that says, “Be patient dear child wishes do come true.”

So now if you like…

Make a wish




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