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Chakras are spiritual centers of your body and are likened as spinning wheels of light. This is where the energy of your soul filters into the energy of your physical self. It is ideal for your chakras to be open and balanced although sometimes these centers can shut-down which in turn can shut-down aspects of yourself. Maybe you are having issues with your root chakra and have not been feeling secure, perhaps you find it hard to keep your throat chakra open and speak your truth, or maybe your sense of yourself is dulled at the center of the solar plexus chakra. There is so much to be explored and communicated through the chakra system and insights to the state of your being are only a session away.


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First Day of School- Send with Angels

For many of us this is the time of year that our children return to school. We send them out trustingly into the world to have an experience completely their own with excitement for the newness  to come and with hope that it will be a good school year.

My six-year-old son starts his first day of first grade today and at a new school. This school is much bigger than his previous one, filled with many new strangers to meet, and lots of uncertainties to figure out. Me as protective mama, understands that I can’t go with him. I can’t hold his hand when he gets nervous, or be there to help him when he doesn’t know what to do. I can’t even walk him to his classroom and make sure he gets their ok. So with full faith that yes, of course everything will be ok, I surrender him and allow him to begin this his experience all his own.

I must admit I am a bit sad and nervous for it to go well. So, I do what I know how to do, I call in his angels and send him with guardians and guides. They will be there for him when he is unsure, when he needs help, or when he is nervous. While it is true that they will always be their for him, supporting him in gentle ways, it is actually universal law that angels cannot interfere unless they are asked to and so of course I ask, and you can too.

Think of someone in your life who you would like to send angelic help to and call in their angels.

“I call on (name of person’s) angels to be with him and to help him in any way that he needs, surrounding him with protective light and supporting him for his highest good.”

“I call on (name of person’s) angels to be with her and to help her in any way that she needs, surrounding her with protective light and supporting her for her highest good.”


Safe and Sound

Life is one big drama being played out. However, the deeper truth of it is that no matter what we are always surrounded by God and spiritually protected.

There is in fact a piece of our soul that never falls from heaven. It never absorbs the hurt and the shock of what terrors and pains we may experience here. It is the piece of us that can see the good in everything because it is still pure and unmarred. It is our higher self and it is always clear and in tune with God at the highest vibration. Now if we could only just connect with our higher self and know that we are never alone and that despite all of life’s dramas we are free to live without fear because, “we know that we’ll be safe and sound.”

Here is an invocation of your higher self:

“I call on my higher self, my inner self, and my conscious self to merge as one so that I am the  embodiment of my true self here on earth.”

In Honor of Earth Day & Body and Earth Mindfulness

An excerpt from my book Our Home, The Earth:

The world is in our hands

The world is in our hands

We are part of the Earth, and the Earth is part of us,

as we breathe its air, drink its water, eat its food, and live on its land.

The Earth takes care of us, and so we should take care of it.

When we take care of the Earth,

we take care of each other,

and we take care of ourselves.

     In honor of Earth Day this week I would like to offer a 15% discount off of my book Our Home, The Earth. Place your order via email at KorinnSHawkins@gmail.com. It is available in softcover and hardcover and can be previewed at www.Korinn.com.

Our Relationship with our body is an extension of our relationship with the Earth

What we often times don’t realize is that much of our own healing has to do with the Earth. The Earth is our body, we are made up of the Earth and we must heal our body for our world to wholly be in balance. For example, if we healed the Earth by doing various things such as cleaning up pollution and increasing the quality of the food we produce and consume wouldn’t our body naturally come back into balance? And wouldn’t this also increase the healthfulness of the Earth itself?

We are each a “life cell” of Great Mother Earth. You are but one that make up the many and indeed a part of the larger being called Earth, just like a cell in your own body is part of you. We are each responsible for our own body, how we view it, how we treat it, how we interact with it, and how we support it. This is true for our relationship with the Earth as well. So are you one that adds to the dis-ease of the Earth or one who heals it? Are you one who adds to the dis-ease of your own body or one who heals it? Keep in mind there might not be any easy yes or no answer here, these are complex and fluctuating relationships. However, it is important to consider your position because there is a direct and cumulative effect here and it is multiplied by 7 million (as in the number of people who inhabit the Earth).

Ask yourself these questions and explore your own harmonies and dysfunctions of being part of the Earth body. For me it is a constant challenge but also a process for growth. I like to think that if I look at it straight-on there allows an openness for awareness to creep in and for healing to occur and that is why I am posing these questions here. (No need to actually write an answer just a quick check-in as you read the questions will offer insight).

1)How do you view your body?

2)How do you view the Earth?

3)Do you place more value on your body or the Earth?

4)Do you feel it is right to value one over the other?

5)How do you treat your body?

6)How do you treat the Earth?

7)How do you support your body?

8)How do you support your Earth?

Are you seeing how the relationship with your body and the Earth are synonymously overlapping?

Pick something to improve on whether it is Earth or body related and feel good about yourself – you are a beautiful Earth Being! And remember, “When we take care of the Earth, we take care of each other, and we take care of ourselves.”

Now let’s close with expressing gratitude by placing a hand on your chest and letting your eye wander to a nearby window and saying: “I love you Earth and I love you body.”

Feel the subtleness of the two being so gently intertwined.

Clearing Fear

A powerful light shining in the dark.

“Let go of fear and let in the light”

Say this mentally to yourself and feel your body relax and soften.

Visualize a bright white light come down into the top of your head.

Allow that bright white light to expand and shine all throughout your body and even beyond it.

Breathe and be in this moment with God’s divine light clearing you of the energy of your fears.

Let go of fear and let in the light.

The Numerology of a Name

What is the energy of your name?

Use numerology to find out:

A – 1           J – 10/1            S – 19/1L'icona di Easy Numerology

B – 2           K – 11/2           T – 20/2

C – 3           L – 12/3           U – 21/3

D – 4          M – 13/4          V – 22/4

E – 5           N – 14/5          W – 23/5

F – 6           O – 15/6          X – 24/6

G – 7           P – 16/7           Y – 25/7

H – 8          Q – 17/8           Z – 26/8

I – 9            R – 18/9

(Note for example: 18/9 just means 18 = 1 + 8 = 9)

In numerology everything condenses down to one number so based on the above information assign a value to each letter of your first name and then add them all together.

Example:  K O R I N N = 2 + 6 + 9 + 9 + 5 + 5 = 36 = 3 + 6 = 9

Do this for your last name as well. This is the energy that your family name carries.

Here is a quick reference of what the numbers mean:

1 = the energy of independence or a leader

2 = the energy of sensitivity

3 = the energy of a visionary

4 = the energy of stability or of being practical

5 = the energy of non-conformity or freedom

6 = the energy of the caregiver

7 = the energy of the investigator

8 = the energy of the problem solver or business minded

9 = the energy of the humanitarian and intuitive

Double digits are significant in numerology and are called master numbers.

If your name deduces to a 11, 22, or 33 then it also carries this energy in addition to its single digit.

11 = master intuitive

22 = master healer intuitive

33 = master teacher and master healer

For FUN:

Share the meaning of your first and last name as a comment.

Also read: Your Name as a Mantra blog post – http://wp.me/p2AwPC-hP

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If you would like to learn more about numerology or do more numerology for yourself and others I have an included a link to a great book!

You can use it continually throughout your years of life. The book looks dated but I promise you the information is timeless.

Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker


A Thanks-giving to our Ancestors

Thanksgiving is a very special American holiday that I celebrate every year. This Thanksgiving I am inspired to reflect on years gone by and especially on those who have come before us in our families. Those who bear the same names as we do and the same blood, our ancestors.

This remembrance is for those in our families who dared enough to dream, who were brave enough to pack up and move, or for those who didn’t have a choice – both plunging into the great unknown and for what? For hope of a better life for themself and for the generations to come. WE were hope and love in their hearts long before they ever knew us and on this Thanksgiving day I ask that you hold gratitude and love in your heart for them.

A Prayer for our Ancestors

(Read it as if it is from you to them, speak to them, send your love and appreciation. This is real; if you want it to be.)

To all of my ancestors:

May peace be with you and take you, wherever you are, to a place where you will know my love and gratitude for you and for all that you have done for our family. May you be swept up now and forever and taken to a place of grace and to a place where you will see the value of what you had to overcome in me. I am grateful for you for having paved the way for our family so that I may walk a little easier today. Today I carry you as I walk with thanks in my heart. I carry you All with pride. Pride for where I came from and for who I am.

To the reader: If you feel moved to do so please share the descent of your ancestors here to honor and acknowledge them. Here, I will start…

My name is Korinn Scepka Hawkins. My ancestors on my Mother’s side are the Kriegers and the Slankers of German, English, Scottish, Irish, and Canadian descent. My ancestors on my Father’s side are the Scepkas and the Frolkas of Czechoslovakian descent, specifically from what is considered modern-day Slovakia. I am married into and have given birth to two children whose ancestors are the Hawkins and Gavins of Irish descent and the Nelsons and Lowensteins. I honor and acknowledge you all. Thank you! Peace.

Shared Prayer

This is a prayer I wrote years ago. I have had it taped to the inside of my bathroom cabinet since 2009 and have refered to it many, many times.

Here is the shared prayer coming at you

Dear God, Please be with me today and all days, giving me guidance where I need it and when I ask for it. Please bless any Divine communication to be clear, specific, and for the highest good of myself and all those involved. Only give me information that I can handle and that I will know what to do with. Please bless myself and my family (names here) so that we are all on our path to fulfilling our own life’s purpose and so that we are each shielded from that which does not serve our highest good. Please help us to release any fears that we may have so that we can function at our highest potential and be aware of the highest good in all people and situations. Thank you for your constant loving, peaceful presence. We love you endlessly. Amen. Love Realized.

A peek inside my personal journal: Hand and Heart

Written on Tuesday October 22, 2012 in a spiral bound notebook:

…And here it is the cross-over point as information starts to flow fluidly into my mind, and through my hand, and body. I just listen and I write and it is easy.

You might have wished upon a star once or twice, or many times in your life – but why wish upon something so far away? Doesn’t it seem wise to wish upon yourself, the truest star in your life? Pull out a piece of paper and fold it in half I want to show you something.”


Wait. First draw your hand on it.”

I do this and fold it in half noticing I can see through the paper. On one side I see my fingers reaching up with out-pouring energy like branches of a tree. On the other side is my palm, thumb, and wrist with the energy of roots grounding into the whole of who I am. Grounding into the center, the core of my being. These roots, these veins, these fibers go direct to my chest – to my heart. From my fingertips flow out love but my hand also takes love in. Soaking it up like the roots of a tree.

I don’t know what this means?

“It means that you are a balanced individual. By nature we mean you to be balanced and yet with free will it has taken years for you to be off-balance and now to try to re-achieve it is certainly a monumental feat. Can you bring yourself back into balance?”

I don’t know, I’d like to try. Can you help me?

“It’s not a decision we are allowed to make for you. It is your gift to find your own way. Like your daughter tells you: me do it myself.”

I stop here and I think. Looking up at the wet green branch in my face (I am sitting under a fir tree in the yard. It is misting, and the tree gives some shelter to write). What value what worth would it have for me if it was just so easy, if I didn’t have to work for it at all? I wonder if there would be any pleasure from it. I do indeed get pleasure from working hard, maybe not all the time but for sure a job well done feels amazing, ecstatic. So what would life be like if everything was easy… boring? Could it be we need a challenge, the human spirit needs challenges to live, to grow. If we were always just as we are in our most magnificent space how would we ever know how truly magnificent we are? Do you know how magnificent you are? Do you tell yourself you are magnificent? I don’t. I definitely have my good days and commend myself for that but magnificence. Who me? Never. But is that the “God’s honest truth,” that I am not magnificent, that we are not magnificent? I get the feeling that the answer is, of course not.

I don’t know what else to say or write or even think. So I ask is there anything more needed to be heard?

My mind goes back to, “The paper.” I open it up and they tell me to, “Draw a heart in the palm.” They say, “Hold your love in your hand. Whether it is moving to you or from you hold it there. Look at your hands as if they are tools of love. Write the word love across them etherically and let them be love, let the love flow. And also be mindful with what you touch. Love it all. Love all your hands lay on.”

At this point I lay my left hand down on the paper and I mentally say, “I love you paper.” And then I look at my right hand holding a pen and say, “I love you pen.” And then I smile and softly giggle, chuckle to myself because I do love paper and pen… (shrug) I just do.

I can see the image of the hand with the heart at its palm. My hand, my heart. I think I understand a little bit more. If you hold the focus of your love to be towards all of which you touch such as “I love you paper. I love you pen. I love you water. I love you glass…” and over and over then you are in a state of love. Seems incessant (I think to myself), maybe I’ll just try it for a block of time, like 10 minutes or something. Ok, so I am giving my love there, through my hand, connected to my heart, to my awareness, to my feelings, and emotion, that then fill-in and fill me up with that feeling of love. As you give love you get love – remember it fills from both ends (referencing a previous journal entry- as you give love out you feel it in as well). There is no void left with love, it is the all.

And then my mind breaks into the Beatles song, “All You Need is Love.”

Thoughts following journal entry:

What would it feel like to end and begin every encounter with a mentally spoken, “I love you?”

I have been practicing this randomly and I like it. I find I do have love and thankfulness for silly little things I normally would not give thought to like scissors, and a glass of water, but also to my children, my home, and myself. “I love you.” The energy of that phrase is naturally uplifting. So as I feel like I am, “writing my I love you’s” to the world the love is also coming back to me and it is with purpose that I am doing this, that I have been guided in this way to work at shifting my perception, my experience, and my energy. And what an easy and yet profound thing to do, to mentally speak “I love you” to everything your hands touch. But isn’t that just exactly what love is, easy and profound.

Maybe I will take that advice and wish upon me as my own star. It seems all the arrows are pointing to me anyway, as the answer to all of my dreams.

Something for You and Something for Me

For me for my work:

I am working on a book in which an elementary age child is able to ask their grandparent about their life, their beliefs, and their values. As field research for the book I would like to ask for your input.

If you think back to when you were a kid and spent time with one of your grandparents, what questions would you have liked to have asked them? What things would you have liked to have known about them? Also, if you have access to an elementary age child and you get a chance to ask them I would be thrilled to hear the questions they come up with as well as your own.

To get you started I will share a question that I would have liked to have asked my Grandma Slanker as a child: How many brothers and sisters do you have? And what are they like?

And in advance THANK YOU for your participation!

And now something for you:

Revisiting memories of those that we love is something we do throughout our whole life. It can be a very meaningful process that brings up feelings of joy and happiness, but also sometimes sadness. These memories naturally take on a deeper nature once the person is no longer here with us physically. Our memories belong to us to be used in remembering and reminiscing but also to connect us with our loved ones in some way.

An important part of my path has been maintaining a connection with my Mom who has been gone 11 years. Being open to connect and communicate with her is of special importance to me and something I feel is important for my children as well. That is the reason that I wrote my first book Someone Above You Loves You, so that they too may know her. I understand the need for us all to feel that connection to those that we have loved and I know first hand how truly healing it can be.

In the following paragraph I will set up some sacred space for you and your loved one. In your own time when it is appropriate or when it feels right for you, you can come back to this post to sit quietly and focus in on your loved one to see what kind of a connection you may be able to develop.

Begin by calling in your angels.  “Angels please be with me now, clearing my space, and surrounding me and my energy field with a protective bubble of white light to ensure that any connection and communication made here is of the divine and for my absolute highest good.” Next speak the name of your loved one that you wish to connect with, calling them into the white light bubble to meet with you in your sacred space.

Now all you need to do is close your eyes and be open to receiving an image or impression of your loved one in your mind’s eye. Feel free to tell them “Hello,” and let this experience take on its own direction as it is safely being overseen and guided by your angels.

Note:You may not “see” anything at first, but if you keep trying it will help to open the channels of communication with your loved one. Also be aware of other sensations or feelings you may be receiving because you may have a stronger pathway to connect with them than through spiritual vision. Other possibilities could be through a feeling, or a sense, a smell, sound, or even a thought. So practice as often as you’d like and see what comes up consistently for you but always be sure to set the sacred space.

A little while back I had received a thank you note in the mail from a funeral and at the bottom was a quote that fits very nicely here: “Nothing you loved is ever lost.” As I sit and write about this specific topic with that note atop my desk it is clear to me that it is not a coincidence at all but a message to be received and it is up to you to decide what will happen next.

Also, please don’t forget to post here your lovely and very much appreciated help for my book.

Much Gratitude!