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Invoke a Prayer for your Child

I wrote an invocation and prayer for Mother Mary to watch over my children. I am not Christian, or even religious for that matter, but I believe that any higher level spiritual being is accessible to all. We only have to call on them if we would like help, protection, or comfort. They don’t care about the religious boundaries so why should we.

Aside from Mother Mary other Ascended Masters that I tend to call on are Ganesh, Kali, and Quan Yin. It doesn’t matter which religion they are from I have a resonancy with each of them individually. There is something that draws me to call on them and perhaps something that draws them to work with me. And it is really as simple as just saying “I like them,” much like I like chocolate ice cream and choose that almost always over vanilla. These beings are my flavor, my preference, and you too may find you also like a little flavor of variety in working with spiritual masters from all walks of life. Explore by Googling “Ascended Masters” and see which one’s you are drawn to meet and to work with.

Here is my Mother Mary invocation:

English: Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus...

Mother Mary,

Please be with my children and bless them.

Surround them with your love and protection and help to guide them in the right way so that they are able to follow their own divine light and be on the path for their highest good.


Love Realized

A Piece from My Memoir

 From Day 58 of transcribing my journal:

This was such a sweet moment for me. I hadn’t rocked my daughter to sleep since she was 4 months old and somehow on this particular day things aligned for me to be able to do so and this is what happened…

So here I was holding onto this little golden nugget. My darling baby girl, sweet and silent in my arms. I could feel my hands start to pulse as I held her. One hand on her bottom and one on her head. I called in our teams (spiritual guides and angels) to work together for our highest good and opened myself to allow whatever energy was to flow through me to her. Captured in this moment and in this divine flow, it was as if we were both being nursed by a divine mother. Grace delivered.

With her sweet little face still turned up towards me I stared at her. And took in the great detail noticing the small and delicate features of her face. Her little nose, her little lips, her little cheeks. Her hair flaxen and gold and how it shined in the light that glimmered through from the darkness of the room. Then all of a sudden I could see her through my eyes, my spirit eyes, those that see much deeper than the beauty of her skin. Those that invoke the sight to see into her soul.

Her face looked like a tiny little pink flower blooming with perfection amidst a green forest floor. Her petals stretched beyond her, so delicate, a pale rosy pink and her eager face turned upward to see the world from among the blanket of green. Then I took notice of her surroundings. All around her I could see tall, huge, massive trees towering up from the forest floor. They felt like Redwoods they were so mammoth and carried such great godly presence. And then from the hollows I heard, “Is the little pink flower no more important than the tall standing tree? No more a miracle in its own being and beauty as the tree is?”

“All things big and small are beautiful and important. Each is created with the light of God’s hand. We should have reverence for all things in the material worlds. To treat them with respect, with love, and gratitude for their being. For you are all sharing this space for the time being.”

In that moment holding Marin and hearing the words that were shared comparing my baby, a tiny delicate flower, to those who tower over her like trees, adults, I could see the equality of the two break through. Although she may be small and fragile like a flower (a flower cup flashes in my mind) and not tall and strong like a tree or an adult she is equally a miracle in her own right. She is equally valuable and a blessing. And she equally holds her own sacred space amongst all life. A sight to behold. Something awe-inspiring and grand. Crafted by Gods hand, I hold her gently in my own. Gentle; this word sticks with me. I have not been gentle today, with my temper, with my children, and at times with myself. And yet here I am totally gifted by the gentleness of this sacred moment and in it touched by the gentleness of God, the gentleness of spirit, and the divine communication I am open to.

Sleeping Baby

English: A sleeping male baby with his arm ext...

Heaven rest, the baby sleeps,
We part for now, but I kiss her cheek,
Stroke her hand, smile, and stare,
Peacefulness is everywhere.

In Honor of Earth Day & Body and Earth Mindfulness

An excerpt from my book Our Home, The Earth:

The world is in our hands

The world is in our hands

We are part of the Earth, and the Earth is part of us,

as we breathe its air, drink its water, eat its food, and live on its land.

The Earth takes care of us, and so we should take care of it.

When we take care of the Earth,

we take care of each other,

and we take care of ourselves.

     In honor of Earth Day this week I would like to offer a 15% discount off of my book Our Home, The Earth. Place your order via email at KorinnSHawkins@gmail.com. It is available in softcover and hardcover and can be previewed at www.Korinn.com.

Our Relationship with our body is an extension of our relationship with the Earth

What we often times don’t realize is that much of our own healing has to do with the Earth. The Earth is our body, we are made up of the Earth and we must heal our body for our world to wholly be in balance. For example, if we healed the Earth by doing various things such as cleaning up pollution and increasing the quality of the food we produce and consume wouldn’t our body naturally come back into balance? And wouldn’t this also increase the healthfulness of the Earth itself?

We are each a “life cell” of Great Mother Earth. You are but one that make up the many and indeed a part of the larger being called Earth, just like a cell in your own body is part of you. We are each responsible for our own body, how we view it, how we treat it, how we interact with it, and how we support it. This is true for our relationship with the Earth as well. So are you one that adds to the dis-ease of the Earth or one who heals it? Are you one who adds to the dis-ease of your own body or one who heals it? Keep in mind there might not be any easy yes or no answer here, these are complex and fluctuating relationships. However, it is important to consider your position because there is a direct and cumulative effect here and it is multiplied by 7 million (as in the number of people who inhabit the Earth).

Ask yourself these questions and explore your own harmonies and dysfunctions of being part of the Earth body. For me it is a constant challenge but also a process for growth. I like to think that if I look at it straight-on there allows an openness for awareness to creep in and for healing to occur and that is why I am posing these questions here. (No need to actually write an answer just a quick check-in as you read the questions will offer insight).

1)How do you view your body?

2)How do you view the Earth?

3)Do you place more value on your body or the Earth?

4)Do you feel it is right to value one over the other?

5)How do you treat your body?

6)How do you treat the Earth?

7)How do you support your body?

8)How do you support your Earth?

Are you seeing how the relationship with your body and the Earth are synonymously overlapping?

Pick something to improve on whether it is Earth or body related and feel good about yourself – you are a beautiful Earth Being! And remember, “When we take care of the Earth, we take care of each other, and we take care of ourselves.”

Now let’s close with expressing gratitude by placing a hand on your chest and letting your eye wander to a nearby window and saying: “I love you Earth and I love you body.”

Feel the subtleness of the two being so gently intertwined.

Baby Blanket Gifted from Heaven

When I was pregnant with my daughter Marin I had a psychic reading in which I was told that my daughter would “receive” a blanket from my dead mother. The psychic said somehow the blanket would be brought into our life and that it would end up being her favorite blanket. For months and months after she was born I was very curious and wondering, “Will it be this blanket? Or maybe this one? How about this one?”

Finally, one day I was out shopping and happened by the fabric section of a store. There was a really cute pastel patchwork material that stuck out to me as I passed by. I wondered again as I had done so many times before, “Could this be the blanket?” I grabbed the material off the shelf and followed my intuition, that gut instinct nudging me to buy it. To my surprise as I approached the check-out I was met with an instant confirmation.

You see, a couple of days before while out driving I spotted two random yellow balloons floating up high in the sky. I smiled to myself knowing that in someway that was my mother’s way of telling me hello. I didn’t know how the balloons got there, or why, but it didn’t matter. What mattered was that I saw them, that I was meant to see them, and that when I did see them I knew instantly that they were from my mother and for me. The right place at the right time kinda thing and it was the same in the store on this particular day because as I walked up to the cash register to buy a ream of fabric just big enough to make a blanket for my sweet little daughter I was greeted by a yellow balloon tied to the check-out. I knew instantly that this fabric was meant to be a blanket for my Marin and from my mother who it seemed was sending me another signal via a yellow balloon.

So I had the fabric made into a blanket and we gifted it to my daughter for her first birthday.

Marin getting her blanket (notice the orb in the picture).

Marin getting her blanket (notice the orb in the picture).

My daughter is now 2 1/2. She has a select few blankets that are her favorites; one of them being this particular blanket that I speak of. And just the other day she plainly started calling it her “Grandma Blanket.” What made the connection even more obvious is that we don’t call her living Grandmother “grandma,” ever! So for Marin to claim this as her “Grandma” blanket pointed from all directions towards my dearly deceased Mom.

(Love you Mom! Thanks for being in my children’s life even if it has to be from Heaven. We’ll take you any way we can get you ;-))

One last bit of information to add is that in the same year this happened for my daughter it also happened for my son.

My son Gavin had asked for a suitcase for his birthday. Really? What 4-year-old wants a suitcase for his birthday? Despite the desire to purchase him a much more exciting gift we bought him a kid’s size suitcase from Target. On his birthday as he was opening up all of the zipper compartments to check it out he pulled from one of them a harmonica! Now, this wasn’t any kind of harmonica that you would find at your local Target. It was worn and made of metal and wood, and played like a professional grade instrument. It didn’t matter how it got there, or why, but what mattered in that moment was that it was there, and that it was for Gavin. I remember looking up at my husband after Gavin pulled the harmonica out as if he had known it was there. The shared awe in our eyes as they met confirmed in an instant that indeed this was a very special gift given from Heaven and from my Mother.

This Sunday will mark the 12 year anniversary of her death. I am happy she still resides in our heart and in our home.


We are living in a sea of energy composed of electromagnetic fields that overlap into our own. Not only are we affected by the energy fields of other human beings but we too are affected by the invisible energy that is being emitted by the technology that surrounds us. Electrosmog, if you have not heard of this term before, is environmental pollution caused by the electromagnetic radiation of electrical devices such as cell phones, televisions, computers, and so on.

To me it seems a bit overwhelming, almost like we are in too deep how could we ever reverse the effect? But then there is Science, with knowledge to be gained and progress to be made. Luckily with expanding awareness of these issues, and the study of them, comes knowledge of what precautions can be made. For example, don’t sleep with your phone next to your head, turn off your computer and other electrical devices, and don’t just have them juicing your house with their electromagnetic frequencies all day and night. There are even combative products already in existence that can neutralize electromagnetic frequencies and cut down on our absorption of them like Memon and salt lamps.

I was first told about “memonization” from a friend. She has purchased Memon products that stick right on her families cell phones and are designed to neutralize the negative effects of their frequencies. The local homeopathic and acupuncture practitioner where she was able to purchase them from has an even larger one in their office to which she said she can just feel the difference.

As someone who understands the world of energy another thing that I will try to do is to strengthen my own, and my children’s energy fields. I do this through the energy work of clearing and bringing in white light to surround them and protect them. By amping up their energy field they are less susceptible to fall stress to others fields just like when you are stable in your sense of yourself you sway less in the face of others. I will also do it on a more cellular level by feeding them well. The foods we eat have a direct effect on our health and our ability to resist disease and that’s what I have the largest control over right now. Well, that and limiting the amount of time that is spent gaming or watching tv.

Here is a prayer I wrote for my children. I read it every morning and visualize that bright and clear light surrounding them:

Dear God and the Divine Teams of my children (fill-in their names),

I pray for you to clear and surround them with a protective bubble of white light ensuring that anything that is not for their highest good stays away. I ask that you watch over them and keep them safe and protected at all times for eternity. ~ Amen

By no means do I know the ins and outs of this topic. It simply has been brought to my attention which led me to do a little research for myself. Here are a few links to begin with if you would like to do the same…

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My Children’s Children

I have just finished showering and I get the overwhelming feeling that someone wants to speak with me.

I am grabbing a pair of socks from the top drawer of my dresser when my eyes happen upon the Irish Marriage blessing that is hanging on the wall of my bedroom. It reads, “children’s children,” and in this moment I know that it is them who wish to speak with me. I am already tearing up, touched by the realization that they wish to speak with me, their someday grandmother, here today.  In moments like this it is clear that I not only live in this world but that I am also living between worlds. As an intuitive and as a seer, I am able to pick-up on these subtle frequencies of communication that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Sunflowers (Photo credit: Aiz Baig)

I close my eyes and someone draped in white and unrecognizable steps forward. They hold out a big sunflower. Its center is what my eyes are drawn to first. It is a warm dark brown and very large and from that center part of the flower comes many, many beautiful yellow petals that are attached. They tell me, “This is like you.” I can tell that they are referring  to the petals, as I see a close up of them zoom in through my mind’s eye. “And we are your seeds. We are what passes when time does away with your brilliant beauty of life. We are the seeds you leave behind.” And now I am very moved and crying as I see there are thousands and thousands of them all of which have come from my own flowering life.

I feel the message here is that I am one to mature. I am one who will reach the end of her cycle, her full cycle of life, and as my petals fall and I become a whisper on the wind there are many who will follow behind me, who will make their own mark through the path that I have laid. And this, of course, is true for all with children.

Oh my gosh, how are we all not connected? I wonder this as I see a deeper layer of the soul’s life as a human. The world is really made up of one great ball of intersecting light and we on the surface are the connecting pieces. As I am connected with my family in this time, I am also connected with others from other times. We are indeed all a grand display of nature splaying seeds, and for her it is not thousands it is millions upon millions. As my grandchildren are my thousand, we are her millions, and it is really a grand display of life, and we are all a part of that life.

“Is there anything more?” I ask of my Grandchildren.

“Rest now Grandmama, we love you.” And again with the tears.

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Childhood Memory

Fairy Tale

This is a page taken from an old Nursery Rhyme book that my Grandmother used to read to me.

I have such fond memories of sitting on her lap in her green rocker. Her arms around me holding up a book and her voice reciting it in my ear. How I loved to be read to by her. I can still hear her saying, “little hen, little hen.” From The Little Red Hen.

As children the impressions we absorb are magical. Later in life they emerge as memories and we are able to notice them as being part of the fabric of who we are.

It is fun to peek through the eyes of a child again and remember those moments we cherish. Those people who made our memories… memorable. It’s in these moments we can begin to remember who we are. We are children. Always. And the world is still magical. This I promise you.

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Thanks for reading!


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To inspire a sense of environmentalism in your child…

Our Home,The Earthis a picture book for any age child and the perfect gift for a teacher to use in the classroom!

          Book description: As adults we wish to leave the world a better place… Part of that legacy includes how well we teach children to care for the Earth and how deeply…

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