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Children’s Guided Meditation

Today I would like to share a recorded meditation with you. It is from a current unpublished manuscript of mine for a book called Little Gaia and the Secret of the Seed. It is a children’s meditation but is also nicely received by adults of any age. I hope you Enjoy it and thank you for listening.

Online link to an audio file of Little Gaia’s Meditation to Grow your own Seed hosted through a private Facebook link.


13 years apart but only a dream away

This month marked the 13th Anniversary of my Mom’s death. She died at the young age of 52 from what started as breast cancer.

A week before this year’s anniversary date my family and I had the pleasure of being on vacation in sunny Florida with my in-laws, my sister and her family, and also my Aunt, my Mom’s sister, and her husband. And I had the pleasure of having one of those real-life dreams where she came through my dreamscape to meet me.

In the dream we were at the farm-house I grew up in looking out the back window and up into the sky. My Mom was beside me as I looked up to see a double rainbow beautifully displayed across the clear blue sky. My niece was there too and asked where the rainbow was. As I looked back to point it out to her there was a third rainbow. It was a short but wide band of rainbow color stretched over the left base of the other two rainbows. This rainbow was extremely vivid popping out to me in vibrance so that I would not forget it upon awakening. Then my dream ended with me actually being able to give my Mom a hug and I could feel her! I mean really feel her, like in the physical. I felt her back against the inside of my left arm and then her soft tummy against the inside of my right arm as I embraced her. It was truly a gift to have this moment with her and have it be so real.

Once I was awake I quietly thanked my Mom for her visit and her message. With several of us gathered together on vacation and so close to her anniversary date I believe she wanted to let us know she was with us and send us her love. That’s what a rainbow symbolizes, someone from the other-side sending their love to you. I believe the double rainbow was her expressing that she was sending so much love and then the third rainbow was to put another exclamation point on it that she was really really sending so much love. And then the hug was so real I just can’t even explain that other than I believe we were together.

Even though we are years apart we are not so far away,

In my life it is destined to be, my Mom will always stay.


 To further share:

Here is a picture of a double rainbow taken outside of my son’s piano recital last June. I know my Mom was a part of this rainbow too.

rainbow from Nama

Also, here’s a previous blog post from when this rainbow occurred last June:



Prayer is Communication

“If you want to know God, you must be like the naughty baby who cries till the mother comes.”
~ Paramahansa Yogananda

If there is something that you are wishing for pray for it. Then pray again, and again, and again. Pray it until it is like breath in your consciousness and then it can move forward as life.

Praying is simply communicating with God – expressing your thanks and asking for divine help. It took me 30 years to figure out what prayer was to me and when I finally got it I understood that prayer is not a religious avenue it is a spiritually universal one. Quite simply it is talking to God sharing with him your inner most thoughts and desires. After all how can anyone know what you truly want unless you communicate it? The first step is being clear and honest with yourself and then you may release it to the Universe through prayer. In doing so a sacred little landing spot is created, housed within your very being so that the echo of your prayer in an answer can bounce back to you and be realized.



Power in Perspective

I invite you to read this powerful article that speaks to the unrealized potential of the perspectives we hold and how we really do create our own reality.

The Light Collective on cleaning our minds via Kathryn Harwig:


Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“You are the classifier of your own life. If you label an experience (whether one you watched on television or one you lived through) as bad, then it will have undesired effects on you. If you classify it as good, it will have pleasant effects on you.”

“The real effect of things on your physical body is the belief you have about them.”

~The Light Collective via Kathryn Harwig

Root Chakra Healing

root chakra healing

Visualize a bright and glowing vibrant red ball of light sitting at the base of your root chakra. Feel free to see it and feel it if you can but know intention is all that you need.

Now visualize a brilliant white light surrounding that bright and glowing red light so that all you see now is pure white light. This is in support of your root chakra’s transmutation.

white light healing

Feel into the root chakra and into that sacred ball of glowing white light where your sense of security manifests and repeat the mantra, “I release being afraid.”

Do this for as long as you feel too.


When you have finished, I want you to now call in the energy of the crystal ruby. You may see it sparkling and bright red. As you see and feel it in your root chakra the color of that chakra returns to a brilliant healthful red as well.

As you soak in that energy, allowing the ruby to charge your root chakra I want you to repeat the mantra, “It is safe to be me.”

Repeat this for as long as feels right.

End with a smile and a “thank you,” to the divine for assisting in your healing.



Animals and Dreams

I often get images of animals as spiritual communication. There’s a whole language that the animal world carries that can come through in the sighting of any particular animal. Take the bald eagle for example, it is often marked as a sign of spirit being with you and divinity at work.

A few weeks ago I had a dream about fuzzy black spiders with white markings across their legs and on their bodies. Again last night one came to me in my dream showing itself so vividly that I could not help but wonder what message it had for me. Sometimes I find if I watch the animal it will express its message to me. I think I will call in the fuzzy white and black spider now and ask it what it wishes to share.

As I do this I feel an overlay of the spider, its arms moving like fingers. This feels like an expression that I have been busy at work. Then my eyes are drawn to the unique markings upon its body. It feels like all of the work I have been doing has been feeding the body and more deeply, feeding the body of my divinity as the markings are white an expression of the presence of divinity. So, through my work I have been feeding the divinity within me. I would agree with this statement.

After processing the information just as you have read it I bring my attention back to this fascinating being speaking to me through vision and un-auditory sound. I next see the fuzzy spider with two knitting needles and a project in progress. White yarn, or perhaps its web, is hanging down from the metal knitting needles. To me in this moment the needles symbolize or stand out as being man-made and the thread-like webbing as more natural material. This tells me that in my work I am using man-made tools to create something of natural essence. I am weaving, as spiders do, a great sign of creation. But what is the spider speaking of that I am creating? I ask…

“A tapestry of life.” is the reply. I am in the man-made world but what I create has essence of spirit… of my spirit. I am weaving through my spirit and into the world and what is being created is of real and lasting substance. I have a huge smile on my face with this beautiful feeling. I know I will keep on creating and weaving my spirit into being whether through service or prayer, writing or drawing, reading or experiencing. The creation of my life is endless and contains many facets that in turn create the whole being of who I am. And I am still being created… by me.

I will have to process this message further. It feels like it contains more than what my conscious mind can understand in this moment at 9:47 a.m. on a Tuesday with my daughter waiting patiently for me upstairs being entertained by cartoons.

In the meantime here is a link you might like to browse if you have had an animal that too has been coming to you.

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NEW Chakra Reading Sessions and $5 discount!

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Chakras are spiritual centers of your body and are likened as spinning wheels of light. This is where the energy of your soul filters into the energy of your physical self. It is ideal for your chakras to be open and balanced although sometimes these centers can shut-down which in turn can shut-down aspects of yourself. Maybe you are having issues with your root chakra and have not been feeling secure, perhaps you find it hard to keep your throat chakra open and speak your truth, or maybe your sense of yourself is dulled at the center of the solar plexus chakra. There is so much to be explored and communicated through the chakra system and insights to the state of your being are only a session away.


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Just because I can channel intuitively – here’s a message for you

I sat down today thinking I knew what I wanted to write about but couldn’t find the paper that I had written on previously. On the paper was a message from one of my newer guides the Goddess Sulis. She came in right around the change of the year for me and has been encouraging me to charge my water (see previous post). Also, ironically as we are surrounded by a large mass of snow, that everyone is not thinking so kindly toward, she has been guiding me to also charge the snow and its water molecules with Love. So I have been doing both. But anyway, I feel like to just hand the mic over almost and just channel write whatever comes through so here goes…

(One thing I want to say about channeling is that it is just simply listening and then relaying the information. This is a natural ability that comes with the building of one’s own intuition. You too can channel the messages of your guides with practice as well and they are SUPER helpful!)

… I close my eyes and take in a nice deep breath, centering in my own being and opening to that space where knowledge and guidance comes in from a higher level. I visually open my crown chakra to the light and let the words flow…

“I am here to tell you that there is something about your present circumstance that does not sit well with you, with any of you. You are a many splendid being and we know that your heart tends to  be in the right place however we see that your mind is often not. Where is your focus? At any given point in the day when you turn your attention inward, what are you focusing on? I would ask you to try this as an experimental experience, maybe set your timer to go off randomly and go on about your business and then at these random dawnings, as time is captured, you will need to physically write down what your thought is at this crucial point of intersecting awareness with your true state of being. What being are you being? After a day you will begin to see where your thoughts lie towards the negative or towards the positive. We are not to judge, we only see what can be improved upon and ask for you to improve your own state of being. Love and gratitude to you, you many splendid beings who choose to lead this life in its grandiose scale and be the brilliant being that you are though quite captured in the experience of humanness. We love you. Bless you.”

Ok, me again…Wow, that was fun and short and simple. It was a woman’s voice speaking but I have no idea who she was. It doesn’t so much matter in this moment, as I just trust and am open to receive, and good things come. I can say that for sure she was someone wanting to speak to you. I think she gives good information and I think I too will take her up on her guidance to take a physical journal of my thought patterns. Good luck to you as you do the same. Revealing what we might not so easily see about ourselves… where we have space to grow.



P.S. I would love to hear your feedback from participating in the experiment so post here 🙂

More Love Stuff…And AcuEnergetics training in May!

The following quotes are from Ambika Wauters book Chakras and their Archetypes: Uniting Energy Awareness and Spiritual Growth.

“Relationships are the most difficult things in life to master. They require a willingness to open our hearts and let love purify us.”

A Meditation from the book:

“Release tension in your chest and focus your awareness in your heart. Repeat the words to yourself: I am love. I am love.”


Such simple instructions and yet so profound. I find it interesting that this little book has sat in my closet for years and all of a sudden last night I was guided to pick it up and read the chapter focusing on the heart chakra. I read up through this very part and knew this was all I needed to get from it at this time. I also knew I was supposed to share it today with you. I hope you enjoy practicing it during this week of love as we approach the heart-centered holiday of Valentine’s.


This reminder and meditation links so perfectly with what I have been learning and practicing with my AcuEnergetics studies. We are taught to practice having an open heart and that in doing so nothing sticks to us energetically speaking (you lightworkers know what I’m talking about ;-). The low vibration energy rolls right off like water off a ducks back and does not get stuck in our energy field or create a disturbance for us. This is a new way to live in the world – just being open-hearted and NOT having to protect our heart. I know it is easier said than done and that’s why meditations like this are important so that we can strengthen that muscle of indeed having an open heart.


I also want to share that AcuEnergetics is coming back from Australia to teach for the second time ever in the USA Level 1: Skills for Living and for the first time ever in the USA Level 2: Inner Alchemy – treating yourself and others. http://www.acuenergetics.com/othertrainingandworkshops.html

This is a very unique opportunity that will be offered in Hudson, WI at Healing Waters Health Center. Over the course of 2 full weekends in May you could be trained through Level 2 AcuEnergetics! The next time they are projected to come back to the USA to teach is not until 2015 so take a look at the link above and see if spirit is calling you 😉

Want More Love In Your Life? -FREE Meditation for you-

All of us, no matter who we are or how great our life might be, could use more Love. It is the energy that fills us up and makes our heart and soul feel whole, content, and happy.

Love is healing. Love is transformational. In love we experience greater depths of ourself. We experience greater depths of being. And we touch our own divinity through the supply of love that comes through us.


However, a lot of things in our human experience are conditional; tit for tat or this for that. Our hearts are not open all the time. They open and close from moment to moment based on conditions: our perceptions, our relations, and our false sense that we are not wholly loveable just as we are. We place conditional limits on ourself building them up through personal phrasing such as “Life isn’t fair.” “I never get it right.” “If only I was…”  We place conditional limits on others too, “You are a bad person.” “They deserved what they got.” “God punishes the unholy.” We are such a judgemental brood. And yet the one common theme that prevails no matter if our judgement is pointed at ourself or others is that all the thoughts and perceptions shaded in a negative light originate from within. WE experience them even when they are not about us because they are of us. We are their origin. So how does this reflect on our own well-being? Perhaps not so good depending on the levity of your daily scale being tipped between negative and positive thought. The good thing is that we have lots of room to expand in opening our heart and choosing to see love show up more in our perceptions. You can make a positive power play in shifting your internal filter of perception for “what is” to being focused in Love.

I have signed up to participate in an upcoming FREE Online Meditation series that focuses on LOVE. To experience more love, to know more love, and to be more love. Who couldn’t use a little extra love in their life!? I invite you to join as well. This is how it works– you simply sign-up using your email and creating a password. Then once the meditation begins you will receive a daily email which shares a link to access the meditation for that day. What’s nice about it is that you get to pick your own time and space to do the meditation AND for however many meditations you choose to participate in you get to make the conscious choice to open your heart and experience love. Nothing to lose and so much to gain… so why not give it a try?

Here is the link to sign-up: