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Dare You song

Good song. Good lyrics. Just sharing. 🙂

Dare You

by Hardwell

We’re a million lonely people
All together on this needle in the sky
Afraid of heights
And your dreams were made illegal
By the laws of lesser evil we call life
But not tonight

I dare you to love
I dare you to cry
I dare you to run
I dare you to try
I dare you to fall
And lay on the ground
I dare you to feel
I dare you to be here now

You’re an outline of a vision
That you had when we were children yesterday
You watch it fade
Let your heart be your religion
Let it break you out of this prison you became
It’s not too late

I dare you to love
I dare you to cry
I dare you to run
I dare you to try
I dare you to fall
And lay on the ground
I dare you to feel
I dare you to be here now

I dare you
I dare you

Who Me Radioactive?

It’s a hard thing to admit when your behavior is toxic. It’s even harder to not let the guilt of it disarm your own self-love.

This is what I stared in the face a few days back going through a very challenging day as a mother. Yes, we all have these days I know. Whether you are 2 or 33, it doesn’t matter, it’s the humanness of us, the ability to experience and get swept up by an emotional rollercoaster. And on this particular day, with it came the realization that I was actually the one leading the radioactiveness. I was being the hub of negativity and was charged to bump against those others in my environment and then burst. Angry and yelling, not that consequences weren’t called for, but crossing that line of being overly reactive where all involved were made to feel like crap and suffer for it; myself included.

So what’s the point? Why is it ever beneficial to get your ass reamed or to raise your voice up a notch to the point where it’s not even recognizable as your own voice anymore? Who is benefiting here?

One could argue that putting a little bit of fear into someone can have an offsetting affect to get the result you want. But isn’t that kind of the “old” way of doing things? Using fear like a power to gain a false sense of the situation being handled when really it’s just establishing a breeding ground for other little bits of negativity to develop like withdrawal, resentment, anger, and of course lets not forget shattered pieces of self-esteem.

Isn’t the “new” way supposed to be based in love and compassion? There is such a thing as tough love and it doesn’t necessarily mean screaming your head off at someone. It means being firm, clear in your boundaries and consequences, and following through.

In this particular moment of seeing myself as radioactive, toxic to all in my environment because I was having a bad day, enlightenment came through and granted an awareness to choose better. To be empowered by the choice to move forward, one day at a time, and to consciously choose to show up better than what I had. In the end my behavior had helped no one. It dragged me through anger, argument, and then tears, but also somehow through its grace it let me see me, and accept me, and then offered an opportunity to start anew.

Isn’t that one of the most amazing things about human beings? Our ability to start over no matter the depths and the losses we have endured. Whether it be addiction, violence, crime, or other mistakes made, or even just a maddeningly bad day at home with the kids, the human spirit is so strong and can rise above all when conscious choice is made to do so.

Reflecting now on that feeling of being toxically radioactive, maybe there is some deeper truth to be pondered here. Maybe we all are radioactive in a sense, emitting that which radiates from us whether it’s anger, fear, peace, or love. Radioactively sending out waves of energy that indefinitely affect those around us. Perhaps the bigger lesson here is to learn to radiate in such a way that it changes that which is in our environment for the better.

We can use the conscious power to radiate from a positive state and that supports all that we radiate to and in turn can bring about profound positive changes. It is in this way that we can be positively radioactive and co-create within our world by being the change we wish to see.

I’m radioactive, how about you? 😉

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day (Photo credit: Abby Lanes)

Usually I am not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day but any reason to celebrate LOVE is a good one.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

And a special Happy Valentine’s Day to my darling hubby. I love you!

A peek inside my personal journal: Hand and Heart

Written on Tuesday October 22, 2012 in a spiral bound notebook:

…And here it is the cross-over point as information starts to flow fluidly into my mind, and through my hand, and body. I just listen and I write and it is easy.

“You might have wished upon a star once or twice, or many times in your life – but why wish upon something so far away? Doesn’t it seem wise to wish upon yourself, the truest star in your life? Pull out a piece of paper and fold it in half I want to show you something.”


“Wait. First draw your hand on it.”

I do this and fold it in half noticing I can see through the paper. On one side I see my fingers reaching up with out-pouring energy like branches of a tree. On the other side is my palm, thumb, and wrist with the energy of roots grounding into the whole of who I am. Grounding into the center, the core of my being. These roots, these veins, these fibers go direct to my chest – to my heart. From my fingertips flow out love but my hand also takes love in. Soaking it up like the roots of a tree.

I don’t know what this means?

“It means that you are a balanced individual. By nature we mean you to be balanced and yet with free will it has taken years for you to be off-balance and now to try to re-achieve it is certainly a monumental feat. Can you bring yourself back into balance?”

I don’t know, I’d like to try. Can you help me?

“It’s not a decision we are allowed to make for you. It is your gift to find your own way. Like your daughter tells you: me do it myself.”

I stop here and I think. Looking up at the wet green branch in my face (I am sitting under a fir tree in the yard. It is misting, and the tree gives some shelter to write). What value what worth would it have for me if it was just so easy, if I didn’t have to work for it at all? I wonder if there would be any pleasure from it. I do indeed get pleasure from working hard, maybe not all the time but for sure a job well done feels amazing, ecstatic. So what would life be like if everything was easy… boring? Could it be we need a challenge, the human spirit needs challenges to live, to grow. If we were always just as we are in our most magnificent space how would we ever know how truly magnificent we are? Do you know how magnificent you are? Do you tell yourself you are magnificent? I don’t. I definitely have my good days and commend myself for that but magnificence. Who me? Never. But is that the “God’s honest truth,” that I am not magnificent, that we are not magnificent? I get the feeling that the answer is, of course not.

I don’t know what else to say or write or even think. So I ask is there anything more needed to be heard?

My mind goes back to, “The paper.” I open it up and they tell me to, “Draw a heart in the palm.” They say, “Hold your love in your hand. Whether it is moving to you or from you hold it there. Look at your hands as if they are tools of love. Write the word love across them etherically and let them be love, let the love flow. And also be mindful with what you touch. Love it all. Love all your hands lay on.”

At this point I lay my left hand down on the paper and I mentally say, “I love you paper.” And then I look at my right hand holding a pen and say, “I love you pen.” And then I smile and softly giggle, chuckle to myself because I do love paper and pen… (shrug) I just do.

I can see the image of the hand with the heart at its palm. My hand, my heart. I think I understand a little bit more. If you hold the focus of your love to be towards all of which you touch such as “I love you paper. I love you pen. I love you water. I love you glass…” and over and over then you are in a state of love. Seems incessant (I think to myself), maybe I’ll just try it for a block of time, like 10 minutes or something. Ok, so I am giving my love there, through my hand, connected to my heart, to my awareness, to my feelings, and emotion, that then fill-in and fill me up with that feeling of love. As you give love you get love – remember it fills from both ends (referencing a previous journal entry- as you give love out you feel it in as well). There is no void left with love, it is the all.

And then my mind breaks into the Beatles song, “All You Need is Love.”

Thoughts following journal entry:

What would it feel like to end and begin every encounter with a mentally spoken, “I love you?”

I have been practicing this randomly and I like it. I find I do have love and thankfulness for silly little things I normally would not give thought to like scissors, and a glass of water, but also to my children, my home, and myself. “I love you.” The energy of that phrase is naturally uplifting. So as I feel like I am, “writing my I love you’s” to the world the love is also coming back to me and it is with purpose that I am doing this, that I have been guided in this way to work at shifting my perception, my experience, and my energy. And what an easy and yet profound thing to do, to mentally speak “I love you” to everything your hands touch. But isn’t that just exactly what love is, easy and profound.

Maybe I will take that advice and wish upon me as my own star. It seems all the arrows are pointing to me anyway, as the answer to all of my dreams.

Spinning World a Children’s Song

With the extra time I have had to work on Our Home, The Earth I have been coming up with some new ideas. I have a list of possible ideas that could be used in a classroom with the book as a segue for discussing ways to care for our environment. I also wrote a song. The idea for the song came up while I was pushing my daughter on the swing. We often pair the two together, swinging and singing, and coming up with this little rambling I knew I had to write it down and expand on it later. This is the end result:

Spinning world,
Spinning world,
Spreading seeds as the wind does whirl,
Growing food and growing life,
Thank you for air, water, and light.

Touching ears,
And touching knees,
Thank you for this body you feed,
So much joy I jump with glee,
Thank you world for loving me.

Spinning world,
Spinning world,
Spreading seeds as the wind does whirl,
Planting hopes and planting dreams,
Watering gardens with life’s stream,

Touching hearts,
And holding hands,
Thank you for this place I stand,
So much joy to sing we must,
Thank you world for loving us!

I even have motions for the kids to do as they sing it. And a local piano teacher is working on writing the music notes for me. It would be super cute to see performed. So my current plan is to include Spinning World at the back of the book. So fun!


An Unfolding of Details

I hadn’t turned the radio on in the kitchen for days and now all of a sudden this morning I decided I wanted to listen to some music. We have one of those radios that connect to the internet but for whatever reason I couldn’t get our local channel to come on so I ended up picking just a random station that I had never listened to before. It was a 90’s Alternative music station which I still am not quite sure if that fits with what happened next.

The kids were eating breakfast happily so I decided to check some messages and saw that I had received a comment on Facebook about yesterday’s blog post titled What’s in a Closet? As I read this person’s comment and she disclosed that she had been having some of the same thoughts and feelings and that she actually had started cleaning her own closet just a couple of days before, I got chills. When I get chills randomly, not because of temperature, I know that it is confirmation. It’s one of those intuitive signals that tell you when something has meaning or is truth.

At this point I am in awe and thrilled about the parallel here that is far beyond coincidence. How is it that she has a personal insight and is inspired to clean her closet and then I write about it a couple of days later? I know I have struck a deeper cord here. Although I’m not quite sure exactly what it is yet.

So I start to reply back to her comment and as I am typing the words, “It is confirming for me to know that what I wrote carried meaning for you.” a song comes on the radio. One that carries very deep meaning for me. It is a song that connects me to a time and a place where I was going through some training with a divinely constructed group of women. It was a very intense and profound time in which I literally felt like I was giving birth to myself. At the end of this incredible experience I had received a CD with this specific song on it. It was perfect. It captured all of the energy and magic of the moment for me and now every time I hear it I know that I am connected with the divine.

This song being the one on the radio was a huge sign for me. Again I got chills and intuitively received the message which was simply, “Yes, yes, yes!” I understood that this exact moment carried much meaning for me and as I looked back at what I had just been typing I also understood that what I write will carry meaning for others. I am humbled by having this confirmed through the unfolding of this sequence and am curious to see where the road ahead lies.

I would like to suggest to you now that as you are reading these blogs to keep yourself open to receive what messages are meant directly for you. Allow these little whispers to not be disregarded but pay attention and allow your own intuition to trigger when it is appropriate and meaningful for you. This is really a rule that you can live by in all areas of your life. There is no boundary to where the divine can reach out and give a gentle nudging confirmation of your own. It could be you listening to what someone else is saying and getting the chills. It could be that certain song that comes on for you at just the right moment. It could be anything really so just be open and trust that you’ll know when it happens.

For those of you that are already aware of these experiences please feel free to share with us in the comments section. We would love to hear.

Lastly, here is that very special song that spoke to me. I know some of you out there are also connected to it, so this is for all of you too.


Link to “What’s in a Closet?”


“May the Wind Take Your Troubles Away”

Have you ever heard the saying that, “Worry is fruitless?”

Unfortunately for us we have all fallen victim to worry at certain times in our life.

I’m sure you know it as that annoying and sometimes maddening voice that repeats in your head. It steals you away from the present moment and takes you to the “what ifs” and “whens” that may never happen.

So what’s the point?

I could say it is a motivator, but it seems to only motivate through fear, and that’s never a good thing! With all of the unnecessary stress and negative energy added to life through the veils of worry it is easy to see that it is better to be motivated by reaching for a desired goal than by running away from an undesired one.

In times of worry it is freeing to be stronger than your mental, “blah, blah, blah,” and to take a stand by making a conscious shift in your focus. But it does take practice; especially if it is a loud and familiar voice for you. But be assured that being able to say, “No, I’m going to focus on what it is that I want.” is a power that only you can gift yourself and that only you possess. And it is rooted in that powerful mental energy that can sculpt how you experience life.

By acknowledging when you are worrying and shifting your focus to a more positive stream of mental chatter you will quicken your ability to dial into the upside and zero out from the downside. And ultimately by focusing your attention on what you want instead of worrying about what might be, you will be able to produce a much more satisfying fruit. But I must also say that there is one step higher than focusing on yet another projected goal. It is to center yourself in the space of now and to be present with whatever immediate task is at hand. By opening your senses and drinking in the space of being consciously present new perspective will also be granted and that fullness that you want to experience in life will bubble through to meet you.

Here is a song I picked for you that is all about letting go of your troubles and being in the moment.

Listen here and enjoy a much-needed mental break.

A Little Loving Energy Sent Your Way

The other morning I woke up to a face in my head. Someone I had known many years ago and now it seemed totally random that he was showing up in my mind. He wasn’t anyone I was particularly close with and yet here he was appearing as if sitting and waiting for a pickup. Normally I would be like “ok, whatever,” and push away the image as it had no specific meaning for me. But I am currently going through a process as I am shifting into a new state of being, and as I “out” myself as a healer and intuitive (which by the way we all are intuitive), I am committing to the truth of who I am and also taking on a little more responsibility in the healing world. So I gave this face, this person, a little more attention. What came up in my mind next was the raw deal this person had seemed to have gotten: a rough home life, a search for a place to belong, and a struggle against bad decisions made. Then I flashed to a memory of a time when I saw him in later years, looking numb and expressionless, as if a broken soul. At this point in my mental and intuitive processing it became clear to me what this person needed, just a little loving energy sent his way. It seemed so simple – love energy. Something any of us could use. Something any of us could do.

There’s a simple technique I use to clear my own energy field and so I decided to use this for him, for his highest good. With my inner voice I asked, “God please clear his body.” I took pause feeling it process but needing a bit of time. Then I asked, “God please clear his soul.” After that I would normally ask for the mind to be cleared as well, but what I felt was that I was actually not supposed to ask that for him. Perhaps he would need to sit with his thoughts in this clearer state. Maybe in this state he would be able to find his own strength to pick himself up. But honestly I don’t know the reasoning, so I trust in the guidance that I had received to just leave it alone and instead I ask for anything else that needs to be cleared to be cleared for his highest good.

With that little bit said I now would like to extend to you some loving energy as well. Perhaps you are feeling like there is a piece of you that may be broken or maybe you are in a space where you just need a little loving energy as well. Maybe it is time for you, too, like me, to stop pushing away those things that keep coming up in your life and to open yourself now to healing.

As you read this and a little mini healing is facilitated, I ask first that you be surrounded by your divine healing team and that all contained here in this white bubble of healing that surrounds you and your energy field be for your absolute highest good.

Take a nice deep breath and find the part of your sternum just below your collar bone where it bumps out.  With your fingertips tap there three times to center yourself and then read on…

Call on your angels now, “I call on my angels now.  God surround me with angels to help me and clear me.” Behind you there is a huge white light, visualize this light. It’s like a magnet drawing out everything that needs to be cleared.  Now speak either out loud or in your mind, “God please clear my body. God please clear my heart. God please clear my soul.”  Now the angels are very gently breathing in new light into the front of your chest, into your heart.  As this chakra opens to receive this divine energy for your highest good take a breath in and close your eyes allowing yourself to linger here as long as you wish.

~ Thank You. Amen. Love Realized.

And in parting today I also want to share with you the song that kept coming up for me during my process of writing this: Free by Graffiti 6. Specifically I kept hearing the lyrics, “Set me free baby…”

Music can also be something that heals the soul… so listen on if it resonates with you to do so.  Perhaps it will inspire a little spring in your seat like it does mine.