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A Book for Grandchildren and Grandparents

The book I am working on is The Life and Times of My Grandparent: A Journal for Young Writers.

It is a book that sets-up quality time for conversation during which the grandchild records important family history as told by the grandparent and the two create a family heirloom together.

The focus is primarily on the grandparent reflecting on their life.  However, there are also several questions for the grandparent to ask the grandchild making it a truly collaborative experience where each voice has value – young and old.

The value that lies here is not just in the book alone with its memories captured, it is also in the relationship of grandparent and grandchild as their bond is strengthened by spending valuable one-on-one time together.

This book is unlike any other and I am proud to announce it! We expect it to be available for purchase this summer!

I would like to invite you to “like” the Facebook page “The Life and Times of My Grandparent” and follow the books updates as well as other information or images that will be shared pertaining to grandparents and grandchildren.  And of course I would love for you to share it and invite others to “like” it as well.


Thanks so very much!!!

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News About Upcoming Book

I have been working on a book with fellow author, Dick Edwards, since last May. We are approaching the one year mark of knowing each other and of working on this project.

I am super excited because we have finally started the process of working with a publisher, Amber Skye Publishing, who will assist us in the final editing and book design. I have never done this before, it has always just been me, so I feel very lucky to have their professional help! And while our book did not get picked up by a “traditional publisher” here we are still making our way, finding our own publisher, hiring their services, and accomplishing our dream.

It feels so GREAT!

If you would like to follow my progress please “like” my Facebook page:


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I am hoping to get a Facebook page up and going for this book and will post on it later this week as well as share a description of just what exactly this book is about so stay tuned. 🙂

Thank you so much for your continued interest in my words and my work!


Enter to Win a FREE Copy of Our Home, The Earth

Sell Sheet for Our Home, The Earth

Sell Sheet for Our Home, The Earth

Backside of Sell Sheet for Our Home, The Earth

Backside of Sell Sheet for Our Home, The Earth

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Our Home, the Earth by Korinn S. Hawkins

Our Home, the Earth

by Korinn S. Hawkins

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NaNonFiWriMo What?

What is NaNonFiWriMo?

I didn’t know either. But being a writer and trying to be “in” on things. This came across my computer screen.

NaNonFiWriMo = National Non-Fiction Writing Month and the month of November is just that.

Last year I became aware of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), also in November. Pretty much it is one month dedicated to writing a full length novel. That is 50,000 words! And there are even prizes you can win. This contest/challenge began in 1999 with only 21 people but now it has reached over 200,000 participants and includes people from around the world.

I did not participate in NaNoWriMo last year but now this year I became aware of its spin-off, NaNonFiWriMo. There are also chances for you to win prizes in this genre’s contest but I would argue that the grand prize is getting to the end of the month and having a complete first draft of a Non-Fiction book!

I feel like this contest coming up for me is a nudge from that greater force encouraging me to go ahead and go for it. And unbeknownst to me it ends up that I have been preparing for this challenge for 2 months. Since September I have been writing daily in a journal about my personal shift, my insights, experiences, challenges, and triumphs. In my last Shine Mine post you were able to glimpse inside of my personal journal and now with this luring opportunity I am wondering if perhaps there is a non-fiction book in that mass of scribed words. I also intuitively am getting that I will have 2 more months to add-on to it, finishing out the year of 2012, and then the journal will be complete for the book.

So anyway, I am dedicating myself to writing Part I which will be from my September – October journal. Part II begins November 1st, as does my participation in NaNonFiWriMo.

I am going into this project with a determined mind. At the least I will transcribe all of my notebook scribbles into word document and at the most the book will start to be edited and take form. I am smiling now, same time as I wonder, “Am I ever going to get a chance to take a break and rest?” I guess not for now, but that’s ok, I love my work, it is food for my soul and so my soul will be eating well in the month of November.

Links to NaNoFiWriMo and NaNoWriMo…




Our Home, The Earth e-book $1.99

Our Home, The Earth is now available online as an e-book through Amazon.com Kindle Store for only $1.99.

This is a first for me to have one of my books in an electronic format and I am so happy to be able to offer it to you at such a great price!

Purchase it here as an e-book:


And to preview it or purchase it as a printed book:

Preview My Book Our Home, The Earth

Here are the first pages of my book Our Home, The Earth!


 This book is dedicated to

all adults.

If you teach a child to care for the Earth

you ARE changing the world.

So thank you.


Special thanks go to Samantha Cole and Corey Hawkins

for their photographic contributions.

All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2012 by Korinn S. Hawkins

No part of this publication can be reproduced without the

prior permission of the author.

Contact the author at KorinnSHawkins@gmail.com

Our Home, The Earth


By Korinn S. Hawkins



It was a brightly lit and beautiful day on planet Earth, and the sky was that perfect shade of blue that you cannot find in a crayon. The birds were singing and the squirrels were chasing around in the park where Gavin and his mother were taking his sister, Marin, for a stroll.

Oh, happy day. Oh, happy, happy, happy day.

They smiled, and they laughed, and they walked, until, that is, they came upon a plastic bag lying abandoned in the grass!


“Ewww,” Mom said. “Oh, how sad. How very, very sad, sad, sad.” She shook her head.

“What, Mom? What’s wrong? What is that?” Gavin asked.

“Oh, Gavin, that’s someone’s garbage.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Well, garbage is what’s left over when people use something. It’s the unwanted part, the waste, and somebody must have left it there.”

“Ewww,” Gavin said with a crinkle-nosed face.


“But it needs to always be put in a garbage can and never just thrown out on the Earth,” she cautioned.

“Why?” Gavin asked.

You see, Gavin is five, and he quite likes to ask the question, “Why?” So you may just be hearing a lot of that word in this book. And as for his mother, well, she’s doing her best at answering his questions in a way that he will understand, as every parent does when a child asks, “Why?” And usually she would try to answer him in such a way that the “Why?” questions would stop, as most parents do, but not this time. Nope, this is a special question…

Mom invited Gavin to sit with her in the grass and have a drink of water and a box of raisins as his sister napped in the stroller. And, just to remind you, the question was, “Why is it so important to always take care of our garbage and never just leave it lying around anywhere on the Earth?”

And so the story continues…

Gavin’s mom began telling him all that she felt he needed to know. “Gavin, this is our Earth,” she said as she laid her hands in the cool grass and pressed her palms into the ground. “This is our one and only home.”

“Why?” Gavin asked curiously.

“Well, just as we have our home that Daddy, and Sister, and you, and I live in, and that house is special to us, we also live in an even bigger home. One that we share with everyone and everything, and that home is called Earth.”

The story continues from here…

… inspiring an awareness of how to care for the Earth, why it is important, and why children are so important to the Earth as they are able to lend a hand in helping the Earth to be healthy and heal, for the well-being of all. It is my hope for you to delight in sharing this book with the children that you are blessed to lay an impression on. We all want the same thing; a happy healthy world. This book adds to the collective effort that we all make and inspires future generations to do the same.

Thanks for reading this excerpt! If you enjoyed it don’t feel shy to share it with others. As a self-published author word of mouth means everything!

To order your copy please visit:


The cover of Our Home, The Earth

Here is the final draft for the cover of Our Home, The Earth:

The back description reads:

As adults we wish to leave the world a better place…

Part of that legacy includes how well we teach children to care for the Earth and how deeply they understand why it is important. Our Home, The Earth covers all the bases through a fun and informative dialogue that a mother shares with her son when they stop for a snack and a chat in their neighborhood park after spying a stray piece of garbage.

Next week I will post a preview of the first pages of the book.

Thank you for your interest in my writing and for your time and attention.


Spinning World a Children’s Song

With the extra time I have had to work on Our Home, The Earth I have been coming up with some new ideas. I have a list of possible ideas that could be used in a classroom with the book as a segue for discussing ways to care for our environment. I also wrote a song. The idea for the song came up while I was pushing my daughter on the swing. We often pair the two together, swinging and singing, and coming up with this little rambling I knew I had to write it down and expand on it later. This is the end result:

Spinning world,
Spinning world,
Spreading seeds as the wind does whirl,
Growing food and growing life,
Thank you for air, water, and light.

Touching ears,
And touching knees,
Thank you for this body you feed,
So much joy I jump with glee,
Thank you world for loving me.

Spinning world,
Spinning world,
Spreading seeds as the wind does whirl,
Planting hopes and planting dreams,
Watering gardens with life’s stream,

Touching hearts,
And holding hands,
Thank you for this place I stand,
So much joy to sing we must,
Thank you world for loving us!

I even have motions for the kids to do as they sing it. And a local piano teacher is working on writing the music notes for me. It would be super cute to see performed. So my current plan is to include Spinning World at the back of the book. So fun!

Something for You and Something for Me

For me for my work:

I am working on a book in which an elementary age child is able to ask their grandparent about their life, their beliefs, and their values. As field research for the book I would like to ask for your input.

If you think back to when you were a kid and spent time with one of your grandparents, what questions would you have liked to have asked them? What things would you have liked to have known about them? Also, if you have access to an elementary age child and you get a chance to ask them I would be thrilled to hear the questions they come up with as well as your own.

To get you started I will share a question that I would have liked to have asked my Grandma Slanker as a child: How many brothers and sisters do you have? And what are they like?

And in advance THANK YOU for your participation!

And now something for you:

Revisiting memories of those that we love is something we do throughout our whole life. It can be a very meaningful process that brings up feelings of joy and happiness, but also sometimes sadness. These memories naturally take on a deeper nature once the person is no longer here with us physically. Our memories belong to us to be used in remembering and reminiscing but also to connect us with our loved ones in some way.

An important part of my path has been maintaining a connection with my Mom who has been gone 11 years. Being open to connect and communicate with her is of special importance to me and something I feel is important for my children as well. That is the reason that I wrote my first book Someone Above You Loves You, so that they too may know her. I understand the need for us all to feel that connection to those that we have loved and I know first hand how truly healing it can be.

In the following paragraph I will set up some sacred space for you and your loved one. In your own time when it is appropriate or when it feels right for you, you can come back to this post to sit quietly and focus in on your loved one to see what kind of a connection you may be able to develop.

Begin by calling in your angels.  “Angels please be with me now, clearing my space, and surrounding me and my energy field with a protective bubble of white light to ensure that any connection and communication made here is of the divine and for my absolute highest good.” Next speak the name of your loved one that you wish to connect with, calling them into the white light bubble to meet with you in your sacred space.

Now all you need to do is close your eyes and be open to receiving an image or impression of your loved one in your mind’s eye. Feel free to tell them “Hello,” and let this experience take on its own direction as it is safely being overseen and guided by your angels.

Note:You may not “see” anything at first, but if you keep trying it will help to open the channels of communication with your loved one. Also be aware of other sensations or feelings you may be receiving because you may have a stronger pathway to connect with them than through spiritual vision. Other possibilities could be through a feeling, or a sense, a smell, sound, or even a thought. So practice as often as you’d like and see what comes up consistently for you but always be sure to set the sacred space.

A little while back I had received a thank you note in the mail from a funeral and at the bottom was a quote that fits very nicely here: “Nothing you loved is ever lost.” As I sit and write about this specific topic with that note atop my desk it is clear to me that it is not a coincidence at all but a message to be received and it is up to you to decide what will happen next.

Also, please don’t forget to post here your lovely and very much appreciated help for my book.

Much Gratitude!

Fun Photo Editing Website!

Our Home, The Earth my fourth children’s book has been sent off to print!

In editing the images for the illustrations my niece had told me about a great website where you can really get creative with your pictures. It is so easy! Check it out at http://www.picmonkey.com

Here is the cover of my book:

But this is what I started with:

And from here you can do this:

Or this:

How about this:

Or maybe this:

Really I could go on and on, but seriously it’s so easy! Just go to the website http://www.picmonkey.com/. Click on “Edit a Photo,” pick an image file from your computer that you would like to enhance, and go for it.

Have fun!