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AcuEnergetics® Coming to America!

This stuff is absolutely incredible! I am blessed to be taking Level 3 and the Practitioner Level of AcuEnergetics® in April and May when the founder Kevin Farrow comes to the U.S. from Australia for the first time ever!

AcuEnergetics® is a modern healing  modality, that integrates Chinese, Judaic, Indian and western healing traditions into an accurate energy medicine. It is the most clinically effective energetic healing modality available today. (www.acuenergetics.com)

There are many stories from my classmates who have taken Level 1 or some who have taken Level 2 that speak to the effectiveness of this modality. Some of the stories include healing dog bites, burns, cuts, leg and foot pain, back pain, calming anxiety, helping sleeping problems, and these are only the one’s I am aware of. My most recent story is that a couple of weeks ago I had been suffering from a sore throat in the evenings. One night was really sore and it hurt to even swallow. After I had put my kids to bed I laid down on the couch and used one hand technique from AcuEnergetics® Level 1 and in 20 minutes when I took my hand away and swallowed it was literally GONE! I sat up and yelled for my husband in disbelief and told him, “Oh my god, my sore throat is gone.” Even though I have been working with this stuff for a year and have had some really great results I guess I just didn’t expect it to work that good! As I sat there in disbelief I kept thinking that the soreness had to be there somewhere, maybe at the back of my throat or maybe it would creep back in time but nothing happened. It was completely gone and never returned, not even the next night.

AcuEnergetics® is like nothing else I have ever seen or experienced! If you are interested in learning ways to heal yourself, your family, and your friends I highly suggest you explore the possibility of taking an AcuEnergetics® class. This year we have the unique opportunity of having all 4 levels taught in the United States starting in April and ending in May. Check out this link to view more detail on the different levels, dates, and pricing:


Here is a video that shares a bit more too:


More Love Stuff…And AcuEnergetics training in May!

The following quotes are from Ambika Wauters book Chakras and their Archetypes: Uniting Energy Awareness and Spiritual Growth.

“Relationships are the most difficult things in life to master. They require a willingness to open our hearts and let love purify us.”

A Meditation from the book:

“Release tension in your chest and focus your awareness in your heart. Repeat the words to yourself: I am love. I am love.”


Such simple instructions and yet so profound. I find it interesting that this little book has sat in my closet for years and all of a sudden last night I was guided to pick it up and read the chapter focusing on the heart chakra. I read up through this very part and knew this was all I needed to get from it at this time. I also knew I was supposed to share it today with you. I hope you enjoy practicing it during this week of love as we approach the heart-centered holiday of Valentine’s.


This reminder and meditation links so perfectly with what I have been learning and practicing with my AcuEnergetics studies. We are taught to practice having an open heart and that in doing so nothing sticks to us energetically speaking (you lightworkers know what I’m talking about ;-). The low vibration energy rolls right off like water off a ducks back and does not get stuck in our energy field or create a disturbance for us. This is a new way to live in the world – just being open-hearted and NOT having to protect our heart. I know it is easier said than done and that’s why meditations like this are important so that we can strengthen that muscle of indeed having an open heart.


I also want to share that AcuEnergetics is coming back from Australia to teach for the second time ever in the USA Level 1: Skills for Living and for the first time ever in the USA Level 2: Inner Alchemy – treating yourself and others. http://www.acuenergetics.com/othertrainingandworkshops.html

This is a very unique opportunity that will be offered in Hudson, WI at Healing Waters Health Center. Over the course of 2 full weekends in May you could be trained through Level 2 AcuEnergetics! The next time they are projected to come back to the USA to teach is not until 2015 so take a look at the link above and see if spirit is calling you 😉

Leaps and Bounds and Backward Steps

This past weekend I was in training for a brand new energy modality that is coming to the United States for the first time from Australia.  I am very proud to say I have now completed Level 1 of AcuEnergetics! The weekend was filled with lots of knowledge gained, lots of new experiences, and new tools to use in my current energy medicine practice.

Prior to this I have been trained in hands-on-healing through level four, two levels of crystal healing, and a little bit of craniosacral therapy as well. My intuitive sense comes most easily through my brow chakra. I am most naturally a seer so I see images and “movies” in my mind’s eye. I do receive information through feeling and knowing as well but these are not as sharp. AcuEnergetics is all about feeling so I am excited to now sharpen that sense and learn more in the next levels of training.

I feel like I have gained so much in just one weekend. I will be able to put into practice what I have learned with others and I have personally gained so much as well through my own self-exploration. It is fascinating to start to feel things and to begin to separate my “attention,” what the Chinese call Shen, from my mind. My mind is not my attention and I am not my mind. As my instructor commented several times, “It’s a shifting of gravity from being centered in your mind to being centered in your heart.” Just getting a glimpse of that this weekend has been eye-opening and profound to experience.

Although, I will say that I am surprised by how fundamentally different this approach is from the way I have currently been trained. This actually makes me even more curious to learn more! A part of me feels like I have kind of taken a step backwards because I haven’t quite been able to wrap my head around how to integrate the two or if I even can. I feel like what I know and what I am learning are on two different ends of a spectrum and that could potentially cause a struggle within myself. AcuEnergetics teaches to not shield  oneself energetically but to just have an open heart. It teaches to not follow energy and work with it but to just keep your attention in yourself and just feel. Those are just a couple of examples. What it teaches resonates with me deeply and I have even wondered about certain things myself but there are other things I have learned along my way that I can’t image working energetically without. I can’t imagine not calling in angels and spiritual guides and working as a team with them. I can’t imagine not receiving information visually and using my intuition to guide me in performing a healing and yet here I am most definitely learning another way and loving it too.

My guidance communicated to me that currently I am “student” and in time there will be space for me to keep my thoughts to myself and almost kind of ripen on them, or turn into whatever I am supposed to be. They also communicated that in the end it all will lead me home, right where I have always been heading. Home and at one with myself. So for now I can keep learning, and keep practicing, and keep being just how I am today.

I would like to note that even though I feel like this modality takes me out of the spiritual connect sense (meaning I am not working with angels and guides and sensing other beings) at the end of my training when we had all finally completed Level 1 there was a beautiful burst of fairy energy all around in front of me. I could see this with my physical eyes as little sparks of light that were flying all over the place. It was surprising and beautiful. I thought, “Wow, they must really be happy for me,” and in their expression I knew that this was a big deal for me to have completed.

I know that it is important for me to learn and work with the body and the spirit, the elements and the ether. And even though I don’t exactly know where it’s taking me, I of course keep moving ahead, one foot in front of the other, and trusting all the way.

Tan Tiens, Chakras, and Meridians Oh My!

About a week and a half ago I received a newsletter from a local healing center in Hudson, WI. At the bottom of it they advertised a free AcuEnergetics meet-up. I had never heard of AcuEnergetics so I clicked on the link and was blown away or should I  say swept away, as I was instantly drawn to it. It turns out that AcuEnergetics is a healing modality developed by a gentleman from Australia who has been studying energy for 40 years! It combines the knowledge and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Judaic knowledge from the Kabbalah, Indian Ayurveda, and western healing traditions into one complex and comprehensive healing modality.

As a healer I currently work with knowledge of the chakra system, the energy body and its layers, and crystals. I have no clue about meridians and had never even heard of tan tiens but one thing that became instantly apparent was that I wanted to learn. I have been craving new knowledge and a bump-up in my energy practice and now my quest for growth has been ignited with a passion to pursue this modality. Needless to say I am going to that free meeting.

I also want to add here that up until this point I took myself seriously, in terms of a career, as a writer and not as serious as a healer.  Being a healer has been a fun side thing while writing has been my more determined focus for a career. However, as I look back at myself 6 years ago I can see that the two actually emerged from within me at the same time; hand in hand. I have always carried these potentials inside of me, they are two aspects of myself, being a writer and being a healer. And now I feel is the time where they start to become one and I perfect my craft even further of being a healing writer.

Although I don’t exactly know where AcuEnergetics will take me it has definitely shown up on my path to take serious.  It also encourages me to take myself more serious as a healer. Perhaps that has been a confidence piece I have been missing to really give myself permission to do it as a career and not just for fun. Kind of like, I know I can do it but can I really do it? Am I good enough to get paid?

Sometimes you just have to jump with blind faith and believe in yourself, “I can do this.” Or sometimes you just have to receive from the universe the divine offering that, “Here, you can do this!”  Did I mention that AcuEnergetics is not currently in the United States at all!? That’s what really gets my attention. This modality is coming here, right now, to my neighboring town, and I am a part of it. I know that there have been years of divine preparation to align this opportunity and I get to be part of it. Lucky me 😉

Learn more about AcuEnergetics:

Website: http://www.acuenergetics.com/