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13 years apart but only a dream away

This month marked the 13th Anniversary of my Mom’s death. She died at the young age of 52 from what started as breast cancer.

A week before this year’s anniversary date my family and I had the pleasure of being on vacation in sunny Florida with my in-laws, my sister and her family, and also my Aunt, my Mom’s sister, and her husband. And I had the pleasure of having one of those real-life dreams where she came through my dreamscape to meet me.

In the dream we were at the farm-house I grew up in looking out the back window and up into the sky. My Mom was beside me as I looked up to see a double rainbow beautifully displayed across the clear blue sky. My niece was there too and asked where the rainbow was. As I looked back to point it out to her there was a third rainbow. It was a short but wide band of rainbow color stretched over the left base of the other two rainbows. This rainbow was extremely vivid popping out to me in vibrance so that I would not forget it upon awakening. Then my dream ended with me actually being able to give my Mom a hug and I could feel her! I mean really feel her, like in the physical. I felt her back against the inside of my left arm and then her soft tummy against the inside of my right arm as I embraced her. It was truly a gift to have this moment with her and have it be so real.

Once I was awake I quietly thanked my Mom for her visit and her message. With several of us gathered together on vacation and so close to her anniversary date I believe she wanted to let us know she was with us and send us her love. That’s what a rainbow symbolizes, someone from the other-side sending their love to you. I believe the double rainbow was her expressing that she was sending so much love and then the third rainbow was to put another exclamation point on it that she was really really sending so much love. And then the hug was so real I just can’t even explain that other than I believe we were together.

Even though we are years apart we are not so far away,

In my life it is destined to be, my Mom will always stay.


 To further share:

Here is a picture of a double rainbow taken outside of my son’s piano recital last June. I know my Mom was a part of this rainbow too.

rainbow from Nama

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