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Waking Phrase

We have two hands.

One to hold the hand of God.

One to help the other people.

As I woke up this morning this is the stream of words that ran through my head. The same thing happened the other day as I was waking back into this world of awareness I got a nice little phrase that came with me. In fact, it ended up being the dedication in my new book: Thank you to the Mother Earth and her divine giving purpose.

I think I will need to put a pen and paper next to my bed if this is to become a regular occurrence ūüėČ

If you have not gotten my short story e-book yet today is the last day it will be available for free.

If you too are curious about in-between spaces of awareness then you will enjoy the read.


Inside_the_Mystic_Life_of_an_IntuitiveBook Cover

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13 years apart but only a dream away

This month marked the 13th Anniversary of my Mom’s death. She died at the young age of 52 from what started as breast cancer.

A week before this year’s¬†anniversary date my family and I had the pleasure of being on vacation in sunny Florida with my in-laws, my sister and her family, and also my Aunt, my Mom’s sister, and her husband. And I had the pleasure of having one of those real-life dreams where she came through¬†my dreamscape to meet me.

In the dream we were at the farm-house I grew up in looking out the back window and up into the sky. My Mom was beside me as I looked up to see a double rainbow beautifully displayed across the clear blue sky. My niece was there too and asked where the rainbow was. As I looked back to point it out to her there was a third rainbow. It was a short but wide band of rainbow color stretched over the left base of the other two rainbows. This rainbow was extremely vivid popping out to me in vibrance so that I would not forget it upon awakening. Then my dream ended with me actually being able to give my Mom a hug and I could feel her! I mean really feel her, like in the physical. I felt her back against the inside of my left arm and then her soft tummy against the inside of my right arm as I embraced her. It was truly a gift to have this moment with her and have it be so real.

Once I was awake I quietly thanked my Mom for her visit and her message. With several of us gathered together on vacation and¬†so close to her anniversary date I believe she wanted to let us¬†know she was with us and¬†send us her love. That’s what a rainbow symbolizes, someone from the other-side sending their love to you. I believe the double rainbow was her expressing that she was sending so much love and then the third rainbow was to put another exclamation point on it that she was really really sending so much love. And then the hug was so real I just can’t even explain that other than I believe we were together.

Even though we are years apart we are not so far away,

In my life it is destined to be, my Mom will always stay.


 To further share:

Here is a picture of a double rainbow taken outside of¬†my son’s piano recital last June. I know my Mom was a part of this rainbow too.

rainbow from Nama

Also, here’s¬†a previous blog post from when this rainbow occurred last June:



Dream of “Delphium”

Delphium is not a word I am familiar with. In fact it is a word I have never heard of. Easy enough to confuse it with the word Delphinium which is in fact a beautiful flower. However, in the transmission of information that was communicated in my dream state it was clear there was to be no confusion here and that the word I was meant to bring to conciousness is indeed Delphium.

It came through in my dreams repeated times: Delphium, Delphium, Delphium. It was so clear and prominent for me to remember. In fact at one point I even woke myself up enough to lean over and scribble the word onto a piece of paper on my nightstand. And when I woke up officially just 30 minutes ago the word was still floating clearly in my consciousness and I recalled it instantly and with certainty. Delphium.

The last images of my dreams where also of me finding my place. There was a sense that this location was a place to make a home. It was a space where the waters of the sea were in communion with a rocky pebbly beach. No sand just rocks. Gray and round and smooth and peaceful. The water soaked into them and it felt like home. Another image I am remembering now from deeper back in my dream state was of a family out on a boat. The little girl was hanging off the front of the boat and the boy was just jumping in the wide open ocean. The family was having fun playing in the water. But then two rhinoceros like noses protruded from the waters like whales. Up for air and then below, then up again and below. It was easy to tell they were gentle beings going about their own business and that they were huge underneath the water where I could not see. The boy successfully got out of the water, back onto the boat. The girl was lifted up out of the water and taken for a short ride on top of one of the rhinoceros noses. She smiled and squealed and it was great fun for her but then she disappeared. Even though the¬†dream images communicated that the family could now not see her in the water¬†and that they could not¬†find her there was a sense that she was ok and then following that came a knowingness that she made it to shore. She did not get lost in the waters. Despite her separation from her family at sea she found her own way to land and saved herself. And I say “saved” lightly because there was never really anything to be saved from, like there was always¬†a certainty that she would make it despite the wide open sea that she¬†had been¬†swallowed in. The feel of it all was very calm and very sure that she was just fine and always had been.

Upon awakening this morning with all of this behind me I asked, “What is Delphium?” I did not receive any real response but a feeling emerged from within me much like something surfacing from the water. I connected it with another word I had received recently, “Glorion” which felt like another world. To me “Delphium” felt like another world too, an underwater like world, and I actually could see myself as a mermaid swimming towards the surface of the water. Going even deeper than this there is a sense that it is an inner world, a world that exists inside. It feels like there is much coming to the surface that I cannot explain and yet I am very much submerged in it. Does this make sense for you too? It feels like “Glorion” is the world outside of me that shines millions of light years away and is bright and glowy¬†and “Delphium” is the deep and dark watery world that subsides within me. And yet I am at one with both of these worlds.

I don’t know what all of this really means other than just simply taking it for what it says it is and then moving on with my day. But¬†I do know that as I woke up this morning I felt like a big shiny ball of light glowing from the inside out and that felt… magnificent. I wanted to hold onto that inner feeling, but now fully awake it is gone, from the surface of my human awareness anyway. So¬†I take it as a sign that there is much to surface from the depths of my inner self and I know that somehow I will find my way, that I already am. That I must now go upon my day and allow whatever is to be to unfold naturally as it already is. From the inside out.

Lastly, thanks to the world-wide¬†web, I googled “Delphium” and was quite surprised to come upon this site…


There is much here that peaks my interest to be explored and also confirmation that indeed Delphium is linked to water.

Thank you for taking the time to read of my strange and beautiful life ūüôā

I hope you have a lovely day.

FP13_03- swimming on the water surface...

FP13_03- swimming on the water surface… (Photo credit: ArturoYee)

Mother Mary’s House

English: Ephesus, Virgin Mary's house

English: Ephesus, Virgin Mary’s house (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every once in a while I have a dream in which it is clear I am being communicated with. Last Saturday I was dreaming very vividly of a beautiful green neighborhood. The grass was so bright and the trees were thick and green. I could not see the houses as I walked down the road but I knew they were there. I walked a short¬†distance in awe of the scenery and thinking how I would love to live someplace like this. The road took a deep dip down, like I was in a cup sized valley and there were¬†three pathways to choose from. In my dream I turned to the left and there in front of me was a restaurant¬†hidden amongst the natural setting. I could see the name on the building clearly and actually in the dream I typed it into my phone so that I would not forget but remember its name and come back later. The name of the restaurant was “Sister Marie.”

Upon awakening and immediately remembering the vividness of the words, Sister Marie, I googled that name and found her. It seems she discovered the house where Mother Mary spent her last years in Ephesus, Turkey. Sister Marie, along with local muslims, and those of her own religious background, rebuilt the home and it became a place for both Christians and Muslims to gather in peace in honor of Mother Mary.

I don’t know what the significance is¬†for me¬†yet, with this dream, and her name, but I will most likely be ordering and reading the book about her experience. Maybe then I will know more. What I can tell you now¬†is what¬†resonates with me¬†and that is the thought of needing more places like this,¬†and reasons,¬†to come together despite our differences and to co-exist in peace. It is nice to know that there is¬†someplace that already exists where the harsh religious boundaries of people divided have been blurred and peace is being shared.

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