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Feedback requested: Would you read me?

I am working on my short story today and thought it would be nice to get some feedback. Positive comments and criticism are equally welcomed.

Here is the sample of writing. I invite you to read it and let me know your thoughts– does it intrigue you or hook you and would you keep reading the story?

Thanks bunches!!!

Short Story Snippet:

It was the middle of summer, sometime in July, when I had a waking dream about my Grandmother’s land. As a child I would frequent her home along with my mother and younger brother. It was during these same summer months years ago that I had connected to her land, the same place that I now found myself slipping through in a dream as I slept in the comfort of my own home, with my own family, and on my own land. Something was wanting for me to return there and connect again.

As my consciousness opened through the dreamscape I was brought back to this place of being that I knew quite well. I was back in the magic and the spirit of Grandma’s vegetable garden. As a child I never really put too much thought into understanding or appreciating the land that was my Grandmother’s. It was always just there. The hill that rolled down a grassy slope of earth and gave home to the orchard of apple, cherry, apricot, peach, and plum. The large black walnut tree that dropped curious green balls every September or the little raspberry plant stationed nearby that produced peculiar orange colored berries that I could never resist. My grandmother was sweet and attentive to her land, and I wish I had taken more of that in as a child. But sometimes not all things are understood or appreciated. Just experienced. And as a child I was inwardly caught up in experiencing myself vs. experiencing the world. Aware of the single moments of consecutiveness and less aware of how it all tied together and that there was indeed more to be aware of in the world but also on that land of my Grandmother.

So, I found myself awake in the dream and standing at the edge of Grandma’s garden. My toes just touching the deep earth that was home to so much here and that first row of vegetables I now noticed sprawling before me. The dark green of their leaves moving almost as if in words to say through the gentle garden air, “There’s more life to be shared.”

A Word of Thanks – Farmers

Thank you God for farmers. For all they do to sustain us, a people.

Thank you for the ease they bring to our lives by their back-breaking work, their long hours, and their sacrifices.

Thank you for providing them a will and a way.

With pride and thoughtfulness they work with the land to share the fruits of their labors. And from those fruits prosper their families, their communities, and the world.

Thank you God for farmers.

I am the daughter of a farmer. My family farmed sod and mint. Although we did not so much provide for the world’s food shelf we were still a farming family through and through. I know the value of long days put in and of being surrounded by the land from which your families livelihood grows. Growing up on a farm is like growing up no other place… you always carry a piece of the land with you.

From farm life grows an ethic of being a hard worker, of knowing what it means to be dedicated, and an overall value and connection to the land. From farm life grows humbleness, as you are at the mercy of the climate and the weather making favorable conditions. From farm life grows gratitude, as those conditions are met and your are blessed with a means to live by. From farm life grows a love cultivated by a culture of being a farmer.

I am forever grateful for my own roots cultivated through the farmers in my family. They weren’t just growing a crop, they were growing a family, and an ethic for life.

Grandma and Grandpa Scepka stilling mint the year I was born into our farming family.

Grandma and Grandpa Scepka stilling mint the year I was born into our farming family.

In Honor of Earth Day & Body and Earth Mindfulness

An excerpt from my book Our Home, The Earth:

The world is in our hands

The world is in our hands

We are part of the Earth, and the Earth is part of us,

as we breathe its air, drink its water, eat its food, and live on its land.

The Earth takes care of us, and so we should take care of it.

When we take care of the Earth,

we take care of each other,

and we take care of ourselves.

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Our Relationship with our body is an extension of our relationship with the Earth

What we often times don’t realize is that much of our own healing has to do with the Earth. The Earth is our body, we are made up of the Earth and we must heal our body for our world to wholly be in balance. For example, if we healed the Earth by doing various things such as cleaning up pollution and increasing the quality of the food we produce and consume wouldn’t our body naturally come back into balance? And wouldn’t this also increase the healthfulness of the Earth itself?

We are each a “life cell” of Great Mother Earth. You are but one that make up the many and indeed a part of the larger being called Earth, just like a cell in your own body is part of you. We are each responsible for our own body, how we view it, how we treat it, how we interact with it, and how we support it. This is true for our relationship with the Earth as well. So are you one that adds to the dis-ease of the Earth or one who heals it? Are you one who adds to the dis-ease of your own body or one who heals it? Keep in mind there might not be any easy yes or no answer here, these are complex and fluctuating relationships. However, it is important to consider your position because there is a direct and cumulative effect here and it is multiplied by 7 million (as in the number of people who inhabit the Earth).

Ask yourself these questions and explore your own harmonies and dysfunctions of being part of the Earth body. For me it is a constant challenge but also a process for growth. I like to think that if I look at it straight-on there allows an openness for awareness to creep in and for healing to occur and that is why I am posing these questions here. (No need to actually write an answer just a quick check-in as you read the questions will offer insight).

1)How do you view your body?

2)How do you view the Earth?

3)Do you place more value on your body or the Earth?

4)Do you feel it is right to value one over the other?

5)How do you treat your body?

6)How do you treat the Earth?

7)How do you support your body?

8)How do you support your Earth?

Are you seeing how the relationship with your body and the Earth are synonymously overlapping?

Pick something to improve on whether it is Earth or body related and feel good about yourself – you are a beautiful Earth Being! And remember, “When we take care of the Earth, we take care of each other, and we take care of ourselves.”

Now let’s close with expressing gratitude by placing a hand on your chest and letting your eye wander to a nearby window and saying: “I love you Earth and I love you body.”

Feel the subtleness of the two being so gently intertwined.

Astronaut’s Perspective of Earth from Space

I realize this message is dated, it is for March 23rd 2013, but I was so moved I couldn’t not share it.

It offers important perspective of our home the Earth direct from an astronaut viewing earth from space; and it takes less than 2 minutes to view.

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Backside of Sell Sheet for Our Home, The Earth

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The Four Elements and Four Energetic Bodies

Yesterday morning I woke up to an intuitive dream. It was about using the elements to heal. As I was writing the details down in my journal I was swept up by the flow of information and brought to a place where an awareness came to be known that the 4 elements of earth, air, water, and fire/light correlate to 4 of the energy bodies that we all posses. As a healer I sometimes explain to clients that receiving healing energy can affect you on several different levels such as emotionally, mentally, physically, and even spiritually. These are the 4 energetic bodies that  I am talking about and their correspondence with the elements insightfully made sense.

The element of water correlates to our emotional body. This “body” is made up of the emotional energy we store, produce, and expel. Emotions can be like water, fluid and flowing, sometimes a trickle and sometimes a raging river.

The element of air correlates with our  mental body. This is the space in which all of our mental energy is also stored, produced, and exerted. Like air our thoughts come and go, they blow in and then blow out. Sometimes they are wispy and sometimes they too are strong and torrent.

The element of earth correlates with the physical body. This perhaps is the easiest to understand. We all know that we have a physical body, the other bodies, although real, may be a bit abstract to think of. Same as the other bodies, energy is also stored here in our physical body, it is produced within this body and released from this body as well. And with the same spectrum contrast, sometimes gentle and sometimes with paramount strength.

The fourth element of which we all are familiar with is the element of  fire, which I define interchangeably as light, and it correlates with our spiritual body. That is our soul, our spirit, our eternal self, and it too is a store house of energy. It too can produce an effect and have its own releases, sometimes karmic, as perhaps we have held onto something for many life times and are now able to let it go.

Perhaps in time I will know more about this fascinating subject concerning the body, the elements, and healing and be able to share more with you but for now take it for what it is a further confirmation that we too are made up of the same elements as the earth. It seems you and her, are not so different.

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Preview My Book Our Home, The Earth

Here are the first pages of my book Our Home, The Earth!


 This book is dedicated to

all adults.

If you teach a child to care for the Earth

you ARE changing the world.

So thank you.


Special thanks go to Samantha Cole and Corey Hawkins

for their photographic contributions.

All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2012 by Korinn S. Hawkins

No part of this publication can be reproduced without the

prior permission of the author.

Contact the author at KorinnSHawkins@gmail.com

Our Home, The Earth


By Korinn S. Hawkins



It was a brightly lit and beautiful day on planet Earth, and the sky was that perfect shade of blue that you cannot find in a crayon. The birds were singing and the squirrels were chasing around in the park where Gavin and his mother were taking his sister, Marin, for a stroll.

Oh, happy day. Oh, happy, happy, happy day.

They smiled, and they laughed, and they walked, until, that is, they came upon a plastic bag lying abandoned in the grass!


“Ewww,” Mom said. “Oh, how sad. How very, very sad, sad, sad.” She shook her head.

“What, Mom? What’s wrong? What is that?” Gavin asked.

“Oh, Gavin, that’s someone’s garbage.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Well, garbage is what’s left over when people use something. It’s the unwanted part, the waste, and somebody must have left it there.”

“Ewww,” Gavin said with a crinkle-nosed face.


“But it needs to always be put in a garbage can and never just thrown out on the Earth,” she cautioned.

“Why?” Gavin asked.

You see, Gavin is five, and he quite likes to ask the question, “Why?” So you may just be hearing a lot of that word in this book. And as for his mother, well, she’s doing her best at answering his questions in a way that he will understand, as every parent does when a child asks, “Why?” And usually she would try to answer him in such a way that the “Why?” questions would stop, as most parents do, but not this time. Nope, this is a special question…

Mom invited Gavin to sit with her in the grass and have a drink of water and a box of raisins as his sister napped in the stroller. And, just to remind you, the question was, “Why is it so important to always take care of our garbage and never just leave it lying around anywhere on the Earth?”

And so the story continues…

Gavin’s mom began telling him all that she felt he needed to know. “Gavin, this is our Earth,” she said as she laid her hands in the cool grass and pressed her palms into the ground. “This is our one and only home.”

“Why?” Gavin asked curiously.

“Well, just as we have our home that Daddy, and Sister, and you, and I live in, and that house is special to us, we also live in an even bigger home. One that we share with everyone and everything, and that home is called Earth.”

The story continues from here…

… inspiring an awareness of how to care for the Earth, why it is important, and why children are so important to the Earth as they are able to lend a hand in helping the Earth to be healthy and heal, for the well-being of all. It is my hope for you to delight in sharing this book with the children that you are blessed to lay an impression on. We all want the same thing; a happy healthy world. This book adds to the collective effort that we all make and inspires future generations to do the same.

Thanks for reading this excerpt! If you enjoyed it don’t feel shy to share it with others. As a self-published author word of mouth means everything!

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The cover of Our Home, The Earth

Here is the final draft for the cover of Our Home, The Earth:

The back description reads:

As adults we wish to leave the world a better place…

Part of that legacy includes how well we teach children to care for the Earth and how deeply they understand why it is important. Our Home, The Earth covers all the bases through a fun and informative dialogue that a mother shares with her son when they stop for a snack and a chat in their neighborhood park after spying a stray piece of garbage.

Next week I will post a preview of the first pages of the book.

Thank you for your interest in my writing and for your time and attention.


Fairy Elfkin

Dream Fairy

Dream Fairy (Photo credit: Alexandria LaNier)




(in folklore) one of a class of supernatural beings, generally conceived as having a small human form and possessing magical powers with which they intervene in human affairs.


Elf”kin\, n. A little elf.

I am a little surprised that elfkin is actually a word in the dictionary and delighted by the definition of it: a little elf. It fits perfectly for the tiny elemental beings that I have been seeing of late.

The first time that I saw a handful of these little beings I was out on our land with my daughter and happened to be looking at a milkweed plant. I could see them there around the leaves and stem of one lone standing weed. Of course I didn’t really see them but I did “see” them with my spiritual sight, my third eye which is located at your brow chakra in the middle of your forehead. And just for fun, if you are feeling a bit skeptical about third eyes being real, well just get out a one dollar bill and you will see there is a third eye on this common U.S. currency. So someone along the way in history must have thought the centrally placed third eye important to acknowledge. I don’t know too much about the background story there but I do know that I see stuff. That’s how I function as a healer. I look at you with my spirit sight and see colors and images through your energy field that give me information and guide me through facilitating the healing.

Sometimes I do see stuff that I don’t want to see and sometimes stuff pops in that I question, “Was that real?” On this particular day I was a little skeptical myself. I saw them a little gnome-ish with a blue outfit and a red hat. I wondered, “What are those?” They were tiny and appeared to be oiling the joints of the milkweed where the leaves met the stems. Intuitively I received the word “fairy elfkin.” It was nothing I had ever heard before. While “elfkin” seemed like it most certainly could be a word the two together didn’t make sense to me. “What in the heck is a Fairy Elfkin?” I thought to myself and then tried logicizing by wondering if maybe they meant to just say “elfkin,” because that totally sounds logical right? Ha ha, I’m laughing at myself here.

So fast forward to five days later and I am on our stationary exercise bike working-out and multi-tasking by using this free time to also be in an intuitive and meditative state. I was receiving some images that were becoming more like a movie on a movie screen (this is a little new for me to have the images flow so fluently) and one of the scenes that flowed in was those fairy elfkin again and at the same time that I saw them I again got the word, “Fairy Elfkin.” They also again seemed to be flitting around the leaves and stems of some plants in a prairie setting. “Well ok then,” I thought to myself, and took it for what it was being presented as… a Fairy Elfkin.

Then the information came through that they are called Fairy Elfkin because they are Elfkin who can fly like fairies. They do not have wings (and I could see this) but sparkles at their back and when they sparkle they can move around freely just as if they were flying. I could see the backside of their blue shirts pop with specks of light much like the flecks from a Fourth of July sparkler. And they did seem to move around freely, up and down and around the plants. The scene kept playing and the images continued to stream in, but there they were again, for a moment anyway, making another appearance in my intuitive realm of awareness.

With all of my shifting and syncing with the Earth I shouldn’t be surprised that some of these little elemental characters are now popping up on my radar. Hey, I guess they’re just doing their thing and I’m doing mine; co-existing in Mother Nature. We can all live in peace, right? Why not?