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Fluffy, Fuzzy, Floaty Fun

Looking for something simple and fun to do in nature? Go out hunting for milkweed pods.

Then when you find them you can bust them open and have a ball with the fluffy, floaty seeds.

Just fluff them up with your fingers and blow. They’re the dandelion fuzz of the fall.

A great hands on nature activity for kids and fun for adults too!

A Moment’s Snapshot of a Family Earth Blessing

I open the garage door and the smell of fresh rain floods in. There’s a mix of dead leaves to its scent. I inhale it deeply, feeling my body relax as I take a moment to just smell the air. It is a beautiful earthy smell and a reminder of why fall is such a heartwarmingly cozy time of year. Sad to see summer go, but as I step out of my garage into the light of the overcast sky and a crisp breeze chills through my damp hair, I feel a welcoming for the fall and for what it might bring, as seasonally the old will fall away.

I watch my daughter, who will turn two in a month, trail off out into the driveway. She stops at the edge of the yard and bends down to examine something in the grass. I imagine she has no preference yet for the time of year. She greets each day the same with an eagerness to explore, to play, to learn, and live. She knows the key to happiness in life and it is nothing she has been taught. It is a basic inner stirring to do the things that she wishes to do. To follow the trails of possibility and go to these places that call to her. To be free in her will and swept up in the moment. I look at her and see that yes, that girl has it all. I am happy to give what freedoms I can to her and also eager myself to watch, take note, and perhaps learn a thing or two about being in the moment.

She follows me to the front of our house where we are going to plant a white dragon flower. I had ordered it from a catalog this past spring and it arrived at our house yesterday packaged in a cardboard box and a redi-plant pot. She watches me as I pull up the overgrown weeds of my neglected flower bed. Next year I will do better I tell myself. Soon she is down there with me pulling up weeds and tearing off leaves from plants asking, “S’one?” and handing them to me, “Here Mama.” We are clearing a spot to plant the dragon flower next to our shepherd’s hook where the wind chime hangs. The chime’s dangling weighted cord seems to have gotten tangled up around a weed. I untangle it and the sound instantly draws my daughter’s attention. She looks at it, watching intently as the dangly cord blows in every direction of the wind. It teases her to catch it but instead she reaches up and bats at the chimes themselves, smiling with joy at the noise she can make. I take note here: there’s always joy in discovering new things that we are capable of doing.


As I dig a shallow hole for the little potted plant she leans over top of where I dig watching closely to see what I am doing. “Dig!” she exclaims. When I am done I hand her the shovel so she may try for herself. She makes a quick decision of what to do with the shovel and starts filling the hole back in. I tell her, “No, we have to take the dirt out.” She tries my suggestion but then reverts back to filling. I don’t intervene this time and just let her do her own work. Eventually her attention skips a beat to look up at the singing wind chime and identify it as, “song.” “Mama’s turn.” she says next handing me the shovel. This moment is complete for her as she wanders off briefly, her own convictions leading the way.

I grab the plant but then remember that there is something else I wanted to place in the earth before the dragon flower. The day before I had pulled a stray piece of hair from my shirt. A normal enough occurrence but something inside of me spoke up and suggested that I save it. I know, kinda weird, but as a person that follows her intuition I often give thought to those strange ideas that seem to be emphasized by overshadowing. There was definitely a part of the day where I thought that’s really kind of gross, saving hair!? And then later I noticed a clump of hair on my daughter’s shoulder that she must have pulled out along with the barrette I couldn’t get her to keep in. Ok, ok, I’ll save it, I thought to myself agreeing to this strange inkling. I put the hairs into a plastic baggie and by the end of the day it contained both hair and nails and from every member of my family and I knew now that when I planted that dragon flower I would also be planting these little bits of us as a way to initiate a blessing for our family.

Now here I am ready to do this so I lean in and place my hands around the hole, palms down. My daughter also leans in and mimics me keeping her hands there for only but a moment. I ask aloud, “God please bless this Earth that we walk on. Help it to provide everything that we need both physically and spiritually.” I drop in the contents of the bag watching as they land below and ask, “Earth please bless my family, provide for us all that we need and with your love, safety, and protection we ask you to watch over the bodies from which these bits I offer you have came. Thank you God. Thank you Earth. Amen. Love realized.” As I end the prayer for a blessing I again place my hands up against the Earth and send heart energy down into her. From my heart to hers.


Once the dragon flower has been planted into the ground I dump the last little bit of dirt and my daughter decides, “All done.” I sprinkle a little water over the earth wondering briefly what it will look like next year when it flowers. Then we both move on to the next moment of the day leaving the blessing and the plant to take growth and maintain on its own.


Compost – What Am I Waiting For?

I have been wanting an outdoor compost bin for years. Recently, I had decided that I would buy one for either my birthday or with the earnings from my new book. However, Sunday morning I asked myself, “What am I waiting for?” I was feeling like today was just as good a day as any to buy a composter. So we made a family trip to the hardware store and a family purchase of a very simple compost unit. Funny enough my 5 year old son was super excited about the purchase. At his school they compost snack and lunch scraps so he is very familiar with composting. He soon decided that his new job at home would be being in charge of taking out the compost. He even sat with our compost collecting bucket at the table Monday morning and peeled his clementine over it with great enthusiasm. It was cute and made me smile. You know how it is for a kid, getting something new and wanting to use it right away.

I can remember my grandmother having a compost pile at her house and hauling the stinky bucket she kept under her sink down to dump it. At our house we would occasionally collect kitchen scraps, mostly fruits and vegetables, and chuck them out into the weeds. That could be kind of fun, to see how far I could pitch the watermelon rinds. These impressions that were made on me as a child I’m sure have been an influence for the kindly almost nostalgic feeling of now having our own family compost bin. It will be fun to see how long it takes to start filling it up and to watch over time as it turns to that beautiful black dirt.

Silly as it sounds I do have to say looking out from my dinning room window and seeing that brand new compost bin does kind of give me that warm fuzzy feeling. Like I know I am doing something right. Good for the planet and good for my family. And teaching my kids to participate will make a memory for them that might also carry capacity to be an influence later on in their life.


Spinning World a Children’s Song

With the extra time I have had to work on Our Home, The Earth I have been coming up with some new ideas. I have a list of possible ideas that could be used in a classroom with the book as a segue for discussing ways to care for our environment. I also wrote a song. The idea for the song came up while I was pushing my daughter on the swing. We often pair the two together, swinging and singing, and coming up with this little rambling I knew I had to write it down and expand on it later. This is the end result:

Spinning world,
Spinning world,
Spreading seeds as the wind does whirl,
Growing food and growing life,
Thank you for air, water, and light.

Touching ears,
And touching knees,
Thank you for this body you feed,
So much joy I jump with glee,
Thank you world for loving me.

Spinning world,
Spinning world,
Spreading seeds as the wind does whirl,
Planting hopes and planting dreams,
Watering gardens with life’s stream,

Touching hearts,
And holding hands,
Thank you for this place I stand,
So much joy to sing we must,
Thank you world for loving us!

I even have motions for the kids to do as they sing it. And a local piano teacher is working on writing the music notes for me. It would be super cute to see performed. So my current plan is to include Spinning World at the back of the book. So fun!

In the Process of a Shift: From Lightworker to Earthworker

Earth Day 2008

Earth is the manifest womb of our Universe. She contains so many variations of life bustling about and multiplying within her. From cell to organism to being; she cradles us all so lovingly. It is this Divine Mother that holds us gently with her nature’s wing as we discover our way through the expanse of her world. And it is this Divine Mother who fully provides for us all that we need. We are familiar with the necessities of food, air, water, and shelter, but did you know she also provides love? And that yes love is a basic human need, perhaps one that too often goes unrecognized as such.

A basic human need: love.

Soaring Bald Eagle - bummer about the missing ...

Soaring Bald Eagle – bummer about the missing winglets (IMG_1532a) (Photo credit: Alaskan Dude)

As a lightworker, there is a sense of wanting to always be connected to Heaven and fly above what the Earth gives to us, but this is to deny our connection to her. Every soaring Eagle has to land to be able to spread their wings while standing at ease. You can’t be in working flight all the time. It is important to take time for respite and reflection. That too is purposeful. So here we are coming in for a landing and getting ready to soar in another way that maybe feels a bit foreign to us. We are moving through this shift of the ages to reach these inner spaces that have been untouched for so long. I feel it is time to pause, same time as I wonder how can I possibly pause now? I don’t know and it is confusing.

I feel the magnetism within me aligning with some invisible force, almost like a key being drawn into a lock. Am I ready to open? Do I have a choice? I don’t know.

From Lightworker to Earthworker? It is a hanging question. Uncertainty stemming from every unknown corner and every unfamiliar parallel pitched. It seems I am scoring on base hits that keep me moving forward while my confidence has been shaken loose. Growing pains are necessary and stumbling is inevitable as I manage my way through what I cannot describe very well because in truth I’m just not there yet. I can however tell you that I notice energy is coming at me stronger and bubbling up inside of me with more intensity than usual. And I am very thankful for various sources who have also lent insight into this shift as being a process of becoming more connected to, and one with the Earth. I don’t even know what that means right now and yet I feel it intuitively as truth. There is a sense of, “Ok, I understand.” Even though I don’t really understand yet. For sure the timing couldn’t be more poignant as I am preparing to release my fourth children’s book titled Our Home, The Earth. It is evident that she is pulling my attention in many ways. Maybe I am a key getting ready to unlock her? Again, I don’t know.

As a lightworker I got so used to connecting up to Heaven that connecting down to the Earth seems a foreign connection. It is a challenge to make sense of things from this different perspective. It feels safe and ok yet the struggle is uncomfortable as my soul expands to experience a fuller expression of being both body and spirit with an emphasis on body now. This is different for me to focus on body versus spirit but it makes sense as I am also directed to connect with the Earth who is a much larger physical body herself. So this is where I am today, in life, uncertain and yet embracing how amusing, weird, exciting, and confusing, comforting, and jolting life is, and all at the same time.

I know there are others out there shifting in their own personal ways as well. I ask for us all to have divine guidance, peace, and understanding for the shifts we are undertaking and for there to be an all-encompassing feeling of safety that everything is going to be alright.

Everything is going to be alright.

Warmth and Love surround you now.


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The Earth as a Being – Part II

“Mom, if the Earth dies, we die, that’s why we need to take care of the Earth.” That is what my 5-year-old son said to me one evening after I had been reading aloud and editing my upcoming book OUR HOME, THE EARTH. I was a little shocked by the harshness of his analogy, and it does sound pretty morbid coming from a 5-year-old, but is it not true? While I do want to clarify here that my story is a lot lighter than what this suggests I do have to say that I was touched at that moment that he seemed to “get it” and that the story I had shared, that I had created, made an impression on him.

Children ARE so impressionable and as he sees me doing environmentally healthy things I know these practices he is exposed to can ingrain and become a natural part of his being. Don’t get me wrong I am not perfect in this area but I try to do what’s right. I do care about the Earth but I know that I can give her more attention and respect. Obviously according to my guidance I can do a better job of being aware of my connection with her, as I am nudged to, “Park Here” under a tree and observe. (See previous post, Part I). In general though I feel really caught up in the rote and remote of life, checked out from the bigger picture of being environmentally conscious, and more in tune with what’s easy for me and even just what’s cheaper. In processing this I am quite clear that I do not want this mode of being disconnected to ingrain in my children. I want better for them and also for myself.

Currently we are a family that recycles, has “green” cleaning products, and efficient appliances, and I am that Mom who picks up other people’s garbage, but I know there is more that I could be doing. Simple things, like composting and using re-usable cloth bags consistently. And I know that if I am motivated to do just a little bit more, and a little bit more, that it really does make a difference as it adds up with what you are doing, and what your neighbor is doing, and so on, and so forth. The collective effort is what makes the large-scale difference but the caring starts with one person and I understand that it has to happen organically, if you don’t really feel it, then you don’t really care. I want my children to care; so I am choosing to give more loving attention to this very giving being that homes us all. I feel no shame for any such lack that has preceded this point only a genuine openness to improve through practicing what I value for whom I value, my children and our Earth.

With the release of my upcoming book I feel like there are so many positive things that I can do with it and yet I find it now inspiring me on a singular level to get real with myself and examine the relationship that I have with the natural world. I know that I am able to teach my children through my example and through the values that I hold, but I am also grateful for the opportunity to speak to a larger audience through my book. That is really important to me and so I choose to dedicate this book to all of you, to all adults. I do this with a heartfelt belief that if you teach a child to care for the Earth you ARE changing the world, because each effort made really does begin with just one person.

An excerpt from the book Our Home, The Earth:

“We should all be like the Earth,

beautiful people that give so much.

After all, we do all live here together on this one Earth, our home.”

The Earth as a Being – Part I

I recently had a dream about my Grandmother’s land. I was back in the magic and spirit of her garden standing at the edge with my toes just touching the earth, and the first row of vegetables growing below me. What was new in my dream and not plucked from memory was a tree growing at the end of the rows. I was first drawn to look at a white birch and just beyond that a river birch, its trunk peeling and brown. Very clearly, and quite literally, I could see a message from my guidance hanging from the trunk of the river birch. It read, “Park Here.” And then I woke up as I often do at that perfect spot in the dream where I am supposed to remember what I have just experienced. Giving it instant thought I made the connection to another recent message from my guidance telling me that the Earth is one of my spirit guides and that she speaks to me through the trees.

So it seemed I had received an open invitation to make time to park beneath a tree to listen and connect with the divine guidance of Earth. While I still have yet to do so, it made instant sense to me that the Earth would be a spirit guide. Of course she would want to give us all direction, we are her people. If we all tapped into her energy and saw her as a divine being, one who offers guidance, I would like to think she could lend each of us insight in regards to how to live a life of health, balance, and bounty, as that is what she strives for.

Is it not true that so much in nature already reflects back to us who we are? Like the animal who risks its own life to save their endangered offspring. The seed that magically houses the blueprint of what it is supposed to grow and be. The open sky, a space like our mind so wide and vast, seeing both gloomy days and bright, and yet unable to prevent the winds of change that blow in upon the scene. There are many examples and it seems the Earth has a lot to say and a lot to offer. As true as this is on a physical level with food, water, shelter and such, it seems to also be true on a mystical and spiritual level as well.

The timing has purpose for me to explore and deepen my connection with the Earth as I am shifting gears and honing in on finishing my next children’s picture book titled OUR HOME, THE EARTH. She is calling to me to see her come alive through a perception I have not yet experienced and I am brought back to the idea of the Earth as a being. It was a foreign concept to me, even well into my studies of intuition, but once I had heard it spoken the light bulb went on. “Oh yeah, of course the Earth is alive!” It IS a being and the largest most whole expression of life that I am aware of.

My mind wanders now and I have an image of the Earth as a body with a spirit, much like we are body and spirit. I imagine that within her there are cells. Little tiny bits moving around and bumping into one another, coming together to form structures that enable process and function. Then another thought… what if we are like her cells, and as we multiply and do not live in harmony with her body, we become like a cancer to her? Perhaps it is that some “people” cells are proficient and help her to balance and regenerate and others are slow, mucky little beings that quite literally bog her down as the output of their toxicity accumulates within her body. Just as in our own bodies, pollution and disease suck her of her life giving energy that she so naturally shares with us. It seems it would be wise as we pay attention to our own health to pay attention to hers as well. Maybe this is where the importance of connecting with her will teach me how to not only care for her better but how to also care for myself, my body. Perhaps by being detached from the Earth we are detached from a piece of our self, which manifests through sharing a common goal of wanting to be in health, balance, and bounty.

An excerpt from the book OUR HOME, THE EARTH:

“When we take care of the Earth, we take care of each other,

and we take care of ourselves.”