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In the Process of a Shift: From Lightworker to Earthworker

Earth Day 2008

Earth is the manifest womb of our Universe. She contains so many variations of life bustling about and multiplying within her. From cell to organism to being; she cradles us all so lovingly. It is this Divine Mother that holds us gently with her nature’s wing as we discover our way through the expanse of her world. And it is this Divine Mother who fully provides for us all that we need. We are familiar with the necessities of food, air, water, and shelter, but did you know she also provides love? And that yes love is a basic human need, perhaps one that too often goes unrecognized as such.

A basic human need: love.

Soaring Bald Eagle - bummer about the missing ...

Soaring Bald Eagle – bummer about the missing winglets (IMG_1532a) (Photo credit: Alaskan Dude)

As a lightworker, there is a sense of wanting to always be connected to Heaven and fly above what the Earth gives to us, but this is to deny our connection to her. Every soaring Eagle has to land to be able to spread their wings while standing at ease. You can’t be in working flight all the time. It is important to take time for respite and reflection. That too is purposeful. So here we are coming in for a landing and getting ready to soar in another way that maybe feels a bit foreign to us. We are moving through this shift of the ages to reach these inner spaces that have been untouched for so long. I feel it is time to pause, same time as I wonder how can I possibly pause now? I don’t know and it is confusing.

I feel the magnetism within me aligning with some invisible force, almost like a key being drawn into a lock. Am I ready to open? Do I have a choice? I don’t know.

From Lightworker to Earthworker? It is a hanging question. Uncertainty stemming from every unknown corner and every unfamiliar parallel pitched. It seems I am scoring on base hits that keep me moving forward while my confidence has been shaken loose. Growing pains are necessary and stumbling is inevitable as I manage my way through what I cannot describe very well because in truth I’m just not there yet. I can however tell you that I notice energy is coming at me stronger and bubbling up inside of me with more intensity than usual. And I am very thankful for various sources who have also lent insight into this shift as being a process of becoming more connected to, and one with the Earth. I don’t even know what that means right now and yet I feel it intuitively as truth. There is a sense of, “Ok, I understand.” Even though I don’t really understand yet. For sure the timing couldn’t be more poignant as I am preparing to release my fourth children’s book titled Our Home, The Earth. It is evident that she is pulling my attention in many ways. Maybe I am a key getting ready to unlock her? Again, I don’t know.

As a lightworker I got so used to connecting up to Heaven that connecting down to the Earth seems a foreign connection. It is a challenge to make sense of things from this different perspective. It feels safe and ok yet the struggle is uncomfortable as my soul expands to experience a fuller expression of being both body and spirit with an emphasis on body now. This is different for me to focus on body versus spirit but it makes sense as I am also directed to connect with the Earth who is a much larger physical body herself. So this is where I am today, in life, uncertain and yet embracing how amusing, weird, exciting, and confusing, comforting, and jolting life is, and all at the same time.

I know there are others out there shifting in their own personal ways as well. I ask for us all to have divine guidance, peace, and understanding for the shifts we are undertaking and for there to be an all-encompassing feeling of safety that everything is going to be alright.

Everything is going to be alright.

Warmth and Love surround you now.


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