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AcuEnergetics® Coming to America!

This stuff is absolutely incredible! I am blessed to be taking Level 3 and the Practitioner Level of AcuEnergetics® in April and May when the founder Kevin Farrow comes to the U.S. from Australia for the first time ever!

AcuEnergetics® is a modern healing  modality, that integrates Chinese, Judaic, Indian and western healing traditions into an accurate energy medicine. It is the most clinically effective energetic healing modality available today. (www.acuenergetics.com)

There are many stories from my classmates who have taken Level 1 or some who have taken Level 2 that speak to the effectiveness of this modality. Some of the stories include healing dog bites, burns, cuts, leg and foot pain, back pain, calming anxiety, helping sleeping problems, and these are only the one’s I am aware of. My most recent story is that a couple of weeks ago I had been suffering from a sore throat in the evenings. One night was really sore and it hurt to even swallow. After I had put my kids to bed I laid down on the couch and used one hand technique from AcuEnergetics® Level 1 and in 20 minutes when I took my hand away and swallowed it was literally GONE! I sat up and yelled for my husband in disbelief and told him, “Oh my god, my sore throat is gone.” Even though I have been working with this stuff for a year and have had some really great results I guess I just didn’t expect it to work that good! As I sat there in disbelief I kept thinking that the soreness had to be there somewhere, maybe at the back of my throat or maybe it would creep back in time but nothing happened. It was completely gone and never returned, not even the next night.

AcuEnergetics® is like nothing else I have ever seen or experienced! If you are interested in learning ways to heal yourself, your family, and your friends I highly suggest you explore the possibility of taking an AcuEnergetics® class. This year we have the unique opportunity of having all 4 levels taught in the United States starting in April and ending in May. Check out this link to view more detail on the different levels, dates, and pricing:


Here is a video that shares a bit more too:


The Four Elements and Four Energetic Bodies

Yesterday morning I woke up to an intuitive dream. It was about using the elements to heal. As I was writing the details down in my journal I was swept up by the flow of information and brought to a place where an awareness came to be known that the 4 elements of earth, air, water, and fire/light correlate to 4 of the energy bodies that we all posses. As a healer I sometimes explain to clients that receiving healing energy can affect you on several different levels such as emotionally, mentally, physically, and even spiritually. These are the 4 energetic bodies that  I am talking about and their correspondence with the elements insightfully made sense.

The element of water correlates to our emotional body. This “body” is made up of the emotional energy we store, produce, and expel. Emotions can be like water, fluid and flowing, sometimes a trickle and sometimes a raging river.

The element of air correlates with our  mental body. This is the space in which all of our mental energy is also stored, produced, and exerted. Like air our thoughts come and go, they blow in and then blow out. Sometimes they are wispy and sometimes they too are strong and torrent.

The element of earth correlates with the physical body. This perhaps is the easiest to understand. We all know that we have a physical body, the other bodies, although real, may be a bit abstract to think of. Same as the other bodies, energy is also stored here in our physical body, it is produced within this body and released from this body as well. And with the same spectrum contrast, sometimes gentle and sometimes with paramount strength.

The fourth element of which we all are familiar with is the element of  fire, which I define interchangeably as light, and it correlates with our spiritual body. That is our soul, our spirit, our eternal self, and it too is a store house of energy. It too can produce an effect and have its own releases, sometimes karmic, as perhaps we have held onto something for many life times and are now able to let it go.

Perhaps in time I will know more about this fascinating subject concerning the body, the elements, and healing and be able to share more with you but for now take it for what it is a further confirmation that we too are made up of the same elements as the earth. It seems you and her, are not so different.