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Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Never stop learning who you are! Self-discovery leads to self-mastery. This is not always easy, there can be bumps and bruises along the way, but never doubt that you are 110% worth it! Within each of us is that spark of potential to BELIEVE that we are whole, that we are resourceful, and that we are creative. We are ALL already these things, they exist within us simply because we exist and yet we don’t believe in it. This is why the spark of potential lies within believing in yourself. So feel free to explore who you are and believe that you are so much more than what you currently think or feel. Trust me, you have gifts and capabilities that you couldn’t possibly imagine and these too are things that already exist within you.

Often times we need experience to connect us to that greater potential held within us, that greater truth. I want to share an opportunity with you that is actually an online free webinar taking place tomorrow, May, 28th. It is through the Akashic Records Institute. The woman running the program is just lovely. I would like to encourage you to listen to the free webinar and see what may speak to you about what she has to share. It does not matter if you have any interest in taking a course through her this free webinar alone might be just the experience you need to get you started on the path of self-discovery. And it’s free so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Check it out here:

FREE Webinar Wednesday May 28th!



She is also offering a Level 1 Akashic Records class: Unleash your Gifts, Live your Purpose- Discover how to align with your Akashic Records. And that begins June 3rd. More details here: http://www.akashicrecordsinstitute.com/akashic-records-training/